COM0014 – Blog #4: B2C Case Study

I follow a lot of local businesses usually because I am interested in their product but often because I am impressed with their social media presence.  One of these local businesses is Grandma’s Beach Treats in Wasaga Beach.  It’s a small locally-owned ice cream parlour which also makes award-winning butter tarts and fudge, among other delicious treats.


Om nom nom nom!

Since Wasaga Beach is a tourist town, there are multiple ice cream shops in and around the beach, but Grandma’s Beach Treats has always stood out to me because of their social media strategy.  They seem to understand the bonuses of being active on social media and even have a few tricks to make sure they stay on people’s minds.  The major thing that they do on social media is the “name game”.  Every day they post a name and if it’s your name you are entitled to a free ice cream, butter tart, tea or coffee.  Not only does it get people liking their Facebook and Twitter pages but the posts are often shared or retweeted multiple times by friend’s of the winning name.  They have well over 2500 page likes on Facebook while the second most popular ice cream joint in Wasaga Beach has slightly over 600 likes.


I can’t give their social media presence all the credit as Grandma’s Beach Treats is highly active in the community, providing coupons for children’s sporting events and donating treats frequently for community gatherings.  They also make sure to capitalize one these events as they post where they are and what they are participating in as well as having grateful community members post thanks on social media.

Their Facebook presence is impressive.  They obviously have someone dedicated to listening and posting while implementing some contests and interesting news to keep people coming back to their page and into their shop.



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