Social Media killed the Newspaper Company?

In 1977, Bruce and the Camera Club wrote a song called “Video killed the radio star. This song was written to express concern over new technology and the effects it would have on the media arts. Ironically it was the first music video to ever play on MTV. Their concern was that no one would listen anymore. They would care to much much about the “looks” of the song was and not the sound of it.

Is there a comparable case today?

Media Signpost Showing Internet Television Newspapers Magazines And Radio

When one innovative product hits the market, everyone gets excited. Then it goes through it’s natural life cycle. When hits it’s maturity stage, it will either redevelop or stay stagnant until another product out shines them.

Social Media has killed the newspaper company AND broadcasting. Current demographics who read the news VIA the paper or watch TV are a fairly narrow group. With Netflix here and Social media communities giving us live-up-to-the-minute updates, there is no need to tune in or wait for that morning paper. In the last few years newspapers were holding on to the baby boomer demographic knowing that even though there are these easily accessible news feeds and update at their finger tips, they still enjoyed picking up the paper in the morning with their cups of coffee.

seniors-using-social-media-on-smartphones   Well, in the past 5 years, there has been a huge rise in baby boomers and their social media usage. There previous fears of fast paced technology had diminished. In fact, the numbers are growing. Kids and grandkids now have introduced them to convenience of social media.

Companies are continuing to pull out of all media buys with TV and Newspapers or anything paper for that matter. They are recognizing this trend and also seeing the cost of ads would not provide the ROI.

Although this might be bad news for our friends at the newspaper printing press, it is good news for our environment. Save the trees!


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facebook Anyone still read the paper? Senior’s ditching their rituals for Social Media.

4 thoughts on “Social Media killed the Newspaper Company?

  1. Interesting question. Just like the flashy music video kills the good sounding music, will only the wow-factor, sensational news make your news feed?

  2. Although I understand why social media and these instant new updates have led to the demise of newspapers, I find it very concerning. Not because I have some attachment to the printed word, but because newspapers, generally provide a wide selection of opinions and perspectives that social media doesn’t. Social media is personalized, it is filtered it to provide you only the stories or updates that align with your views either intentionally or though algorithms that do this based on previous activity. This stops is from hearing opposing opinions and views, it stops us from questioning the things that we hear. I think this is a dangerous reality.

  3. Hi leegalka,

    I totally agree with your Blog that newspapers are going to be eliminated. In this era, social media has changed the way of reading newspapers. People are just looking online to read to news instead of going to store to get it. They are saving their time and money. This is affecting newspaper company. Newspaper companies have to think something different to prevent it.

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