#Instapet: A Pet’s Journey to #Instafame

img_0835How many hours have you wasted so far this week scrolling away the hours on Instagram? What were you looking at: cats, dogs, food, DIY, travel landscapes or endless selfies? I have easily lost 2 or 3 hours on the application in the past few days. Have you ever clicked on any pet profiles to find an insane number of followers? I have.Presenting @littleleothemorkie a little 5lbs nothing dog with 158k followers, and my good friend’s dog. Through the account, she promotes various products which she is given for free including watches, dog clothing lines, and headphones and is paid to include discount codes for monthly boxes on the profile. All this because the profile has garnered so much attention that it has been featured in magazines, news articles and on TV.

I first met Leo a little over 3 years ago, thanksgiving weekend just shortly after he had been brought home as a puppy. At this point in time my friend had not created the account. A few weeks later she sent me a screen grab of the account which already had several hundred followers. That number quickly jumped to the thousands and entered the realm of 100k. I was amazed.

I thought: can I replicate this with my own little ball of fluff, Baby?

Turns out, it’s not so easy. I created the account @babyboytabby and started posting pictures.

img_0850I didn’t realize just how much time my friend put into cultivating the online presence of her little dog. I was posting pictures but this led to few followers. My friend told me I will gain followers if I go on liking sprees. This has to be done right however, if you go too quickly Instagram will block the action for an undetermined amount of time. I learned this little tidbit of information the hard way… repeatedly. It’s not only about the liking sprees, but the content of the pictures. Candid shots are good but when it comes to animals, dressing them up and posing them seems to work best, however I don’t think my cat would appreciate wearing a tutu. I decided not to dress him up.

Not too long ago, I was supposed to be getting a second cat but he was adopted by another family. I took down all the previous pictures from the account. However only this past week I started posting to the account again and have already increased the number of followers by 200. I was shocked as to how quickly the numbers were going up.  I kept liking and the number went up another 100. Granted, the number of followers this account has isn’t even close to the 158k. I have yet to hit 1500, but I am working at it and hope to reach atleast 10,000 someday.



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