Henry Schein Inc. A B2C Case Study Blog#4 COM0014

Henry Schein Inc. is an American based Healthcare supplier operating in 33 countries worldwide. Henry Schein or Schein as its more commonly referred to, focuses on 3 main areas of distribution; medical, dental and veterinary.  As a supply company, Schein is a world leader in digital technologies and leads the way in adopting new technology not just for its customers in the form of product offerings but in the way they carry out business.  Schein was one of the first in the industry to adopt web sales for their customer base

http://www.henryschein.ca/ .

It comes as no surprise that Schein is also leading the way when it come comes to social media and engaging their customers.  Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are all part of the Henry Schein Strategy for engaging and finding new customers and maintaining existing ones.  The company uses social media to broadcast information to its customer base that would probably never be  heard if we were still in a day of traditional media.  Henry Schein utilizes social media to tell its story and to create interest in the company and the people who work there. This story telling has a great influence in humanizing this fortune 500 behemoth for a consumer who is in the business of caring and helping.  The”big 3″ social media platforms are full of posts that bring the customer up to date on what Schein believes in the area of Social responsibility and employee satisfaction as well as industry knowledge and information:



In most of Schein’s posts the story portrayed is one of caring or helping which shows a sophisticated level of understanding of their target audience.  Engaging the customer and educating them to the good things that Schein does as a company.

Schein also uses social media to drive the engaged customer back to their web commerce site. Never missing an opportunity for an ad or a “shop now” link in their facebook pages or to use twitter to announce flash sales.

By executing on the foundations for successful social media engagement, Henry Schein has been able to leverage the power of their digital databases, customer psychographics and profiles to create a hugely successful social media campaign on a global scale. If there is any weakness at all its that sometimes the individual “local” efforts may be lacking in comparison to the global effort but I have no reason to doubt that even this shortcoming will be brought in to line with time and further development of Schein’s digital sales and marketing strategies.

What are your thoughts on some of the links posted in this piece?  Can you see where  the content and feedback show a sophisticated understanding of the target audience?



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