COMM004- Blog #3: Hitting the Bullseye

I decided to look into the target audience for Plato’s Closet. I work there, and we’ve recently passed out 1 year mark on Instagram. Our content quality has certainly improved in the year, so has our creative aspects, but there still is so much to learn. Let me explain what PC is and does: its a retail store that buys and sells gently used teen to young adult clothing, that has been trendy/ purchased from the malls in the past 18 months. So we’re looking for items that are still in the mall, or items from last season, that high school teens and people in there early to mid twenties are wearing now. Our Instagram showcases all the amazing items clients have sold to us, and people can buy the items seen on our IG. Ideally, we want a lot of teenage guys and gals to be following us and liking us on IG to spread our brand awareness. So many teens are getting upward of 300+ likes on their photos, and the goal is to get as many likes as possible. We want the same thing. The content on these IG savvy teens is very fashion forward, very minimalist, very aesthetically appealing, and the majority of the time, skin is always a win. As a store, we obviously can’t be posting revealing images, but we need to get on the same level. Some effective communication strategies we could look into is seeing if any of the really popular local teens want to do a collaboration. If we get involved with the people who are relatively ‘large’ in the city/community, it allows us as a brand to grow as well. Its hard though, because teenagers are mostly ‘too cool’ to really commit to anything like that, or they don’t want to be associated with anything. It’s all about getting through into schools or with popular individuals to make it the ‘cool thing to do’ and then everyone would want to be involved.


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