COM0015 – Blog #2 Strong & Weak Organisations

This post highlights two organisations that would fit into the unique social media strategy and one organisation that needs to adopt a social media strategy.

#1: Sharpie

The permanent marker company doesn’t just use social to market its product – it uses it to build a community of creative customers who can come together to share artwork, feelings and stories. It’s working well for Sharpie, too. Through social media and other marketing efforts, Sharpie continues to create innovative ideas from customers’ artwork, and stories that resonates well with users.

Look at the marketing ideas Sharpie employ on Twitter, blog, Instagram and even formed their own community.

Mix up your background images: Sharpie incorporates various images on display.

sharpie twitter profile

Increase loyalty with customers. Smart marketing tactics know that satisfied, loyal customers drive business. One way to increase loyalty and retention is to focus attention on your customers’ creativity.

sharpie customers artwork

 Tell stories about customers.  Sharpie tell stories about their customers on a blog, and they use the blog to inspire creativity from their fans.

snow leopard

#2: Canadian Lung Association

Social media has proven to be so powerful that many non-profit organizations have implemented it in their communication and marketing strategies.

Having a strong online presence is especially important for the Canadian Lung Association (non-profit organization) whose causes rely heavily on their supporters.

  • Engage and Connect

Social media networks are the perfect platform for asking questions and opening up discussions with your audience. Opening up the dialogue with the followers make them feel as their voices and opinions are being heard. This contributes to strengthening your non-profit’s relationship with supporters and building your online community.

Moreover, social media is a great place to thank your supporters publicly. Tagging them in photos and posts not only makes them feel appreciated, it also allows your posts to be shared with their followers, thereby extending your reach to their audiences.

  • Drive Traffic

Most of your supporters will only check your website for updates, meaning they only think of you and your cause periodically. Having them like your page on Facebook or follow on Twitter provides an opportunity on their feeds and give them daily reminders of your mission. Social media is a great tool to attract traffic to your website, and subsequently attract donations, volunteers, and raise general awareness for your cause.

  • Shareable Content Means More Exposure

The more content you share on social media, the more people will see what your organisation is doing and motivated to get behind it. Given how easy it is to share content online, social media is a place to create momentum for your organisation and any campaigns you may be running. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is an example of an amazing social media campaign. Over $70 million dollars have been donated to the ALS association to date, a hike from the $ 2.5 million that was donated during the same time period last year.


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