The Incredible Power of Social Media! (COM0011)

Growing up I was obsessed with classic rock. From Led Zeppelin, to Steely Dan, to the Dire Straits, I just couldn’t get enough of it. I always dreamed of what it would be like to pick up a guitar and have real people actually enjoying your music. From there on out, I decided I was going to be a musician.

I started playing guitar around the age of 8 and haven’t looked back. I formed many bands throughout the years, but never had anything to serious. It wasn’t until a band I formed with some high school friends that I really discovered my potential. We got into some really heavy music and decided that was the path we were going to take. This was around the year 2014 and we had a few songs written. Like every local band, we made a Facebook and YouTube page, and had all our friends follow and like us. We had finally had enough songs and we released our self-titled EP. selftitled

After releasing this album, we never would have expected the outcome. We suddenly had not only our friends liking and sharing our music, but strangers from different countries all over the place. It was insane! We started getting such a great demanded, that we started printing and selling our Cd’s and also printing and selling t-shirt. Some songs were breaking over 10,000 plays on YouTube and we were getting many show offers in the southern Ontario/ Montreal area.

Once the hype over our EP settled down, and we played some shows, we received an incredible message on Facebook. It was a record company from Florida called Famined Records that was interested in signing our band. We signed with them and have recently put out our newest album titled TRANSIENT.                                                                                                                                                                transient

It’s crazy to think of how powerful social media has become. All we had to do was make the music, and it did the rest. Although we are very far from being at any kind of “rockstar” status, it’s pretty cool to know that my dream of having somebody genuinely give a damn about my music, come true. Never doubt social media as a way of getting your brand, or band, out to the rest of the world. Now tell me, what has social media done for you?

Here is a ink to one of our new songs. Be warned, it is fairly heavy! Enjoy!

Also, you can find us on Spotify, Apple Music, Google, and or Amazon. Just search Through Lucid Eyes.






One thought on “The Incredible Power of Social Media! (COM0011)

  1. Congrats on the success of being signed to a label! You have a really inspiring story for those trying to make it in the music industry. (I’m still a big fan of classic rock!) A lot of people complain that the internet has killed the music industry – your story shows the positive affect that social media can have as well.
    Thanks for sharing!

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