Social media changed the view of newspaper consumption…



As we all know social media is getting attracted by so many people in these days. Social is getting more and more attention by so many people and with the businessmen too. Even people are doing business on social media and most of them have grown up to big scale. Along with these things, if social media is growing up in business it has major impact on some other businesses too. Some business gone bankrupt because of this and some of they have less sale now.


Technology has a huge impact over the whole world. Advancement in technology can be seen in every corner of the world. It has replaced the paper media. It affects people both in the positive and negative ways. Positivity can be seen in the form of employment opportunities. Adapting to the new technological changes is essential. Moreover, the way of advertising is done through the electronic media.







In 2012, there were 2.4 billion people who were using internet and 1.4 billion were using social media. But in past couple of year’s social media users has increased up to so much. People are using social media or official sites to get their news instead of going to the stores and get it. People can see the latest news online without going out and wasting their time and money.


It can be concluded from the article that the technology has the impacts that could be used in either way. Despite of all these things, social media is very beneficial to us in our daily lives too. What do you think?


Do we have any choice over social media?


Facebook: How social media impact on newspaper companies?


Twitter: News is read more online on social media not on hardcopies. #awareness #socialmedia #grownup #money










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