The Evolution Revolution of Social Tech

In a Forbes article entitled “5 Social Media Trends That Will Change The Game in 2017”, there are some interesting trends highlighted.




Author Tom Ward mentions the continued relevance of live video, via Facebook Live, Youtube Live, and Periscope Pro, all of which allow streaming (Ward, 2016). He also mentions that 41% of subscribers to cable TV are saying they will soon cut their cable out completely (Ward, 2016). This statistic is both worrying and compelling to those of us who currently work with Direct Response television via cable networks. For clients who’s demographic is men and women age 55+ it is crazy to imagine what my own demographic will be like by the time we are in our 50s and 60s. As our client’s demographic continues to change and new seniors come into our market, it will be neat to develop some unique strategies using such technology in an experiment.

The article also highlights messaging apps. Personally, when I think of this, it makes me think of those help chat options on Microsoft, or other institutions such as Expedia and banks. However, the article refers to “bots that provide relevant content and learn from the consumer’s behavior” which then creates the ideal two-way communication between consumers and brands (Ward, 2016). If brands can or continue to develop and deliver unique content in the same way I am thinking of that is exciting, and especially for real-time events not just how to’s and fixes. Just think, if you could be talking to a live agent as you are playing with other gamers during a mission in Battlefield 4 on the PlayStation while commenting on their games or the system, Playstation can have immediate data to give to HQ and the game label.

The two social media revolution/evolutions I am most excited for on a personal level are Social Commerce and VR tech. Social commerce makes it so easy and convenient to pay for everyday items or impulsive items (everyone does it). My only concern is the safety issue, how safe is my credit card info/payment info. The concept is still a win for tech in my mind, though. Ward points out that the idea of a “peer to peer” system is perfect for brand outreach and growth on a massive scale (Ward, 2016). I agree with this; it gives brands a greater scope to reach their consumers at the point of purchase using social media which is already so mainstream and widespread.

The second is VR. I just bought the VR PlayStation system add-on and WOW. It is something, playing Batman in VR. If VR expands to shopping experiences with virtual stores sort of like the XBOX virtual fitting room but a few steps further refined, I think it will change the retail industry.

Please check out the link below to the original article:

Let me know which trends you find most exciting!

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2 thoughts on “The Evolution Revolution of Social Tech

  1. I’ve really noticed the rise of Facebook Live streaming in my own social media feeds. From friends at karaoke to live political forums, I appreciate the opportunity to feel like I’m part of the action, like being put on speakerphone at a party when I was grounded as a teen.

    Just today I heard about “Pearl”, the first VR movie to be nominated for an Oscar. . I really didn’t know that VR was there already, and since you’ve got the viewing equipment, I’d love to hear what you think. Is watching it totally immersive, or is it like watching a 3D movie… technically impressive, but distracting and leaves you with a bit of a headache?

    • Hi Laura!

      Sorry for the late response-Good thing I am not actually a blogger yet.. I find the gaming system to be fantastic, I have not experienced a headache. I actually did feel like I was in the game (as cheesey as that sounds). However, I understand your concern over one’s health. As technology becomes more immersive, it is hard to say how people will adapt to it. I personally played with the VR system on PS4 for almost two hours. But I cannot imagine allowing a 6 year old to use one for longer than 20 minutes (that’s just a random theoretical example). I don’t even know what those in the medical community are saying about VR.. Might be something worth looking into.

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