The Amazing World of Pinterest


Hi Everyone!

Hopefully everyone had a great January and your February is going just as well! I’m choosing to write about an application today that I absolutely love. Pinterest was something I discovered in 2012 but didn’t really get into it until I was in my second year of university. Once I started to use it, I honestly could not stop. It became a part of my everyday life (which looking back at it, probably was kind of unhealthy). So here are a couple things I think everyone should know about Pinterest!

All of your thoughts are organized in one place

The nice thing about Pinterest is that you’re able to have everything you want right at your finger tips. You can easily create new boards and pin ideas such as recipes, clothing you may want, DIY ideas, home decor and many other things to whatever boards you wish! I find this to be a great system because within seconds I can find the specific thing I was looking for in seconds.


A screen shot of my Pinterest profile!

Things are easily shareable with friends

A really cool thing I love about Pinterest, is their sharing system that is based on the website. I feel as though many people are not aware of the easy to use chat feature, where you can send Pins to your friends or even some of your followers! I once had one of my followers send a Pin to me that I actually ended up saving! You can share a Pin on Pinterest by hovering over the picture of the pin, and clicking the paper airplane icon. Then select who or how you wish to share it, whether privately sending it to a friend on Pinterest or Tweeting it!


A screen shot of a post off of the Pinterest App! The share button is so easy to find!

You can always find new content-ALWAYS! 

No matter what time of day, week or month, I always find new and exciting content on Pinterest. Whether it is from a larger company like Anthropologie or a small blogger like myself, I always enjoy the content I find on the website! Some of the content I tend to sway towards includes home decor and design inspiration, recipes, crafts and DIY activities and many many other things. Check out my Pinterest profile here for some new content for your own Pinterest!

Hopefully my post will inspire some of you to check out Pinterest and all it has to offer!

Happy blogging, friends!

-Katie 🙂

Facebook: Need a new social media obsession? Maybe a new recipe or a design idea? Check out my favourite things about Pinterest!

Twitter: Need a new DIY project to brighten up your home? Check out what Pinterest has to offer! #Pinterest #DIY



5 thoughts on “The Amazing World of Pinterest

  1. Hi Katie, I love Pinterest, too, though I try to just dip in and out quickly on my phone. If I didn’t, I’d probably end up spending all day on it looking at lovely pictures. I’m following you now (hope that’s OK 🙂 ) because I can see we have similar sensibilities. Thanks so much for sharing your love of Pinterest here. And love, love, love the pic you chose to illustrate it.

  2. Very well written blog, i view it from time to time but i wouldnt spend to long on it, not my type of platform, but it can be useful in certain things.

  3. Hi Katie,

    I really like your blog. Pinterest has become a very useful tool for me as well. It is so easy to search for great home decor ideas, arts & craft projects and inspiring images. I didn’t realize that there is a chat feature – will definitely look into that one. Before Pinterest I was constantly ripping out ideas from magazines which was a lot of work to keep organized.


    ps. love your Pinterest boards

  4. Hi Katie,
    Love Pinterest!!! Thanks for the helpful tips and the chat feature which i didn’t realize as well. I got into Pinterest a year and a half ago when I was looking for wedding dresses and decorations ideas. And now I use it to pin recipes, home decor ideas and such. What a helpful App:) Nice pics!!

  5. Hi Katie,
    Pinterest is getting attracted by so many people even I am huge fan of it. I love to see picture on it just like i used to spend time on gaming in my childhood days. I like your blog about pinterest and it is very useful too in our daily life too.

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