Life as I Don’t Know It.

Last post about my new lifestyle as a minimalist, this week’s lesson about personal branding, and a conversation I had with my boyfriend recently really got me think about who the heck am I?! This being my fourth course in school, having a resume longer than anyone wants to read, and many hobbies that I have tried to turn into something more than a hobby. I can’t ever seem to settle on something.

As a 23 year old, people say there is lots of time to figure out “what you want to be when you grow up.” And sure I agree, but I can never see myself settling into just one thing. I currently have 3 jobs, and have recently been to a few interviews and applied to 3 more. I am a strong believer of working at a job you love. And for me a 9-5 job where you do the same thing every day really doesn’t satisfy me. But am I really going to be working 5 jobs at once my whole life…? I don’t think so, especially one day when I decide it is time to pop out some kids. My current lifestyle would never fit into a schedule with kids. But how do you know what you really want to do?

It’s true what ‘they’ say about your life changing drastically in a year. A year ago I just started school again for the third time, convinced I would never go back after I finished. I had no clue where I would be once that program ended.

Even from a week ago when I started writing this post, to right now life has changed. I had an interview today for a regular Monday to Friday job!

The main point of this post is.. it’s tough being in your 20’s trying to figure out what you are going to do for the rest of your life. It’s hard enough to please yourself, but if you’re like me you have family and friends on your back about it too. By this time next year who knows what kind of job I’ll have, or what I’ll be doing (Let alone next week!) Seriously. It’s tough growing up, but as long as you are satisfying that little fire inside of you, and being able to support your basic needs. I guess you’re not doing too bad. Just sit back and enjoy the adventure!?



When you aren’t too sure about where your life is headed, don’t worry, you’re not the only one! Here’s a window into my crazy ever changing life.


Figuring out your life as a ‘grown up’ is hard. But you’re not alone. I’m right there with ya, enjoy the adventure with me!


3 thoughts on “Life as I Don’t Know It.

  1. Hi Emily, So great that you’re asking these questions and trying to figure it out. Your 20s can be tough! Your comment about “doing the same thing every day” in a 9-5 job did jump out at me. The reality is that whether you work 9-5 or some other hours, much of what people do at work is repetitive. And this is not a bad thing. Repetition is what allows you to learn and to improve your ability to do that thing so the next time you do it, you’ll be more successful, whether you’re a waitress or the head of a corporation. Many 9-5 jobs (or office jobs as that’s sometimes shorthand for) have lots of different aspects to them, as well. In the past six months, I’ve done lots of things in my job that I’ve never done before, for example. I’ve written a policy, organized signage for a move, held a training session with employees to give the information they needed to do their jobs, attended networking events etc. You get the picture. I encourage you to keep thinking about where your passion lies, then find out what kinds of jobs exist that relate to that passion. Then don’t discount a job just because it’s 9-5. Try it out and see. You might find it holds more interested than you’d think. Good luck!

  2. Hi Emily,

    Deciding on what you want to do in life is one of the most challenging things to deal with in your 20’s. As someone who is currently counting down her last months as a twenty-something, I still haven’t got it all figured it out, and to be honest, I don’t think anyone has completely. Even if you love what you are doing when you are 25, it may not be what excites you at 40. People change and grow and their desires and goals change with them. I know so many people that seemed to have their life all planned out at your age with the job the boyfriend etc, and now realise years later that it’s not what they thought it would be. My mom went through medical school, got a masters in psychology and then at 50 decided to go back to school to teach ESL instead. I think it’s important to always have goals and be working towards something, but also to realise that that what you want now may change, and the exploration you are doing will only serve you to teach you more about yourself so that you can make an even more informed career choice when it comes time. Best of luck!

  3. Hello from a fellow Emily… 🙂 Congrats on your interview! I could relate in full to your blog. I am 34 and still dont know what I am doing. I have been working retail for the last 10 plus years, struggling to find a “career” job in my field. I thought that at this point I would be in steady employment and married, possibly children. you never know how things are going to go in life.

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