(COM0011) Blog#2: How social media is changing education

Online networking is not just changing the way we experience our regular daily existences, but additionally, it changes learning all through the classroom. With more people having access to cell phones and other devices at younger ages now, instructors are likewise altering their instructing techniques to join web-based social networking to enhance the learning experience. Online networking has changed the way we communicate with professors and how we do group work. It also allows us to learn from other sources as well. Things have certainly gotten significantly more beneficial and easy with web-based social networking, and students are exploiting the comfort it conveys to their training and education.


Some ways that online networking has helped with education and learning is:

  1. Improving communication

Communicating between professors and their students has become easier. Unlike before, when you were confined to email or in-person dialogs. For me, it makes my life and learning experience a lot better as I don’t have to wait till next class to ask a question. I can just inbox professor online and get a response almost immediately.

  1. Easy peer teamwork

Before students had to actually meet up to complete group work. nowadays students don’t have to meet in person to actually do group work. they can use such resources like Google Docs, Facebook group chat, or team messaging apps like Slack to communicate with each other and complete projects and assignments. For me, this is very important as my personal, work and school schedules don’t always work well with my group members. So, having the options like Facebook, google docs and slack it allows us to complete projects more efficient.

  1. Allows for learning from other sources

Online networking sites allow for an individual to choose and join a certain group or follow a certain person whether it is educational or not. Students are still learning and what they learn can be used towards their own education. Also, it will help students in looking for jobs, help to build a resume, how to write a proper essay, the learning topics are endless.

Online networking has had some good impacts on education and the way we learn but there are also some bad impacts online networking have done to education and learning.


So do you think online networking has done more good or bad to education and the way we learn?

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One thought on “(COM0011) Blog#2: How social media is changing education

  1. Hi Breanne, You make some good points here. I’m kind of surprised at how much Social Media is used in some classes! I took a Continuing Studies HR class a while back, and the instructor ‘strongly suggested’ that our groups communicated through Facebook. It was kind of weird; having classmates comment on pictures of my then 7 month old son while they were blowing up my feed with pictures of their vacations. I much prefer email!

    Facebook was restricted to college and university students when it was first launched, so I expect that this opening-up and growing community was one of it’s purposes. What do you think? How do you feel about opening up your personal social media feeds for this purpose?

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