Stay Safe on Social Media – 5 tips to keep you, and your personal information safe


Nothing seems safer than cruising the internet from the comfort of your living room.  Your doors are locked.  You have your comfy pajamas on, a nice cup of tea sits beside you.  What better way to spend an evening than catching up on your social media feeds or looking at pictures on Pinterest?

It seems unimaginable for someone to walk though our front door and snatch our purse from us, right?  Wrong.  That’s exactly what can happen while we are online.  Social media sites and other online forums are full of people looking to exploit the innocence of people just like us!  I have compiled a list of tips that can get you social safety savvy in no time!

  1. One of the most important things we can do to safeguard ourselves is to be aware of what information we are posting.  Hackers are smarter than we think and always looking for ways to collect our personal information.  Be careful about sharing information that can be used to answer your personal account questions.  Things like, birthdays, home towns, parents names are all popular security questions to different accounts.  Another way to keep your account information safe is to create a custom security questions that will be harder for hackers to guess.  Having a strong password is always recommended.
  1. Be careful what links you click. Especially those embedded in emails.  What may look like an authentic link from a company may not be as it appears.  Some links can take you to third party sites or even sites set up to mislead you into entering  your personal information.  When in doubt, always access a web address directly.
  1. Assume everything that you put on the internet is permanent. Remember that documents, pictures and videos can be saved, shared, or printed, without needing permission from the one posting.  Even after things have been deleted, there is no guarantee that they are not logged somewhere else.
  1. Choose your social media friends wisely. Just because you were friends in high school does not mean that you live the same life now or have the same values.  People change.  Also, identity thieves have been known to create fake profiles to lure people to add them as friends so they can access personal information about you.  Be very selective about who you invite into your social network.
  1. Customize your privacy options. Most social network platforms have different levels of privacy that can be changed in the settings menu.  Many people choose to keep their personal profiles accessible to only those in certain groups or friends lists, while business related profiles will usually have more information available for public viewing.

You can never be too careful when it comes to protecting yourself or your identity.  When in doubt…Check it out.  And stay safe!

How do you safeguard your personal information?  Please leave your comments below.

Neowin posted a great infographic which has some surprising statistics regarding internet safety at

Here is a link to a YouTube video that has some useful tips to protect yourself from identity theft

10 Privacy Tips For Protecting Your Identity And Avoiding Identity Theft


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9 thoughts on “Stay Safe on Social Media – 5 tips to keep you, and your personal information safe

  1. Hi Liz,

    I like your post – clean layout and the content is easy to read. You made some valuable comments about keeping safe in the social media world. Sometimes we can get lost when we are surfing the web and forget that we need to be prudent in terms of the sites we visit and the information we give out. I have received many emails with questionable subject matter such as ‘my current credit card information needs to be updated’ and there is always a link provided. I have been informed that a bank or utility company will send you a letter in the mail and that they will never send an email requesting this information. You really need to be careful nowadays.

    • Those letters and emails seem to be coming more frequently now! I have resorted to calling the company directly to confirm that it is a scam. Most times they are thankful to know that it is going on.

  2. Great Blog, this is the thing I always worry about everyday with internet and social media, especially with my children, I always remind them to never talk to strangers in the internet. Those are some great tips there to keep our privacy safe. We need to be careful out there.

    • I think that might be my next blog post…Keeping kids safe online. There are so many things to be aware of when spending time on social media sites for adults and children alike. Thank you for your comments. (:

  3. Great post and thanks for the tips!

    Hackers understand our behaviours. This is why we need to be aware of this at all times when doing online transactions etc. There is a lot of manipulation. Sometimes you can be misdirected without even knowing how you go there. Thanks, Liz.

  4. Still being kind of new to using social media effectively, I really enjoyed your post. I think that it’s important that we are safe online and it’s sometimes the little things that we do that will cause these hackers to know us best and get our information.

    • I found it quite surprising too how hackers collect bits and pieces to form a profile for people. You really can’t be too careful. Thank you for your comments

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