Social Media and MyLife

Social Media is the new trend esp. Instagram and Snapchat and for many people, it is a source of entertainment and social interactions but for me personally, it has been more of a learning platform.  How? Lets see

For background, I was always anemic by birth but it was not until 2010 when I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism, that the root cause of my anemia, i.e. Thalassemia was discovered. Thalassemia is basically a rare blood condition in which red blood cells rupture while they travel in your body and it is typically either Major or Minor and thank God I have Thalassemia Minor. There is no cure for this but you can maintain a diet to help you deal with this. This big word was so scary for me as I never heard of it till then.

We all know how long the doctors take with every patient; sometimes not even five minutes so I was unable to get the information that I was seeking. I started searching thalassemia &  hypothyroidism on google and there I was reading day and night about these two humongous conditions. It not only helped me to learn more about the cure and treatment but also to accept it and move on with life. There are so many instagram pages, pinterest, blogs out there that are spreading the awareness about these conditions. I was always so upset and depressed but now that I know there are people out there who are sharing their knowledge and diet plans to help out people like me. It was mentioned in Forbes,”Social Media is a lifeline for Patients with Rare Diseases” and I firmly believe it with my whole heart.

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