Life with an F4 Asian Leopard

I thought for my second blog I would do it on a little 8 month old guy named Figaro, which came to our household from my niece and her husband. Fig was too much of a handful for them as they lived in Toronto operating their own business. Bengals need to be kept busy and they just did not have enough time in their busy day. Our first meeting was when Fig was approximately 4 months old, he was a fast, furious and lanky speed demon. We made a comment ” if you ever need a good home” then 4 months later as fate would have it we received an addition to the household.

Bengals are known for their glaring green eyes


We did not know much about the Bengal breed other than we learned very fast that they hissed, growled and he had much bigger teeth, jaw structure and nails than our other domestic felines. They also have a soft pelt which is also hypoallergenic in nature. He has a slink to his walk with his hind legs resembling that of a rabbit. He also can leap from a sitting position to the top of a six foot door with little to no effort with such grace. The internet became a really good resource on the history of the breed. Up until then I did not know anything about the breed, they are best described as a ” dog in a cat’s body “.

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I have included a link to the site    Bengals in Canada   explaining the history and information on hybrids F1 to F4 classifications in a easy to read and understand version. We found this site very helpful in order to help us understand his temperament and how to relate to him which is still a ongoing learning curve for us even after having him for 5 years. Fig wears a small dog harness and walks on a leash very well and loves it up at our cottage, there he takes on a different personality. With being in the forest environment which is closer to his natural habitat he clearly takes on more of a predator behavior. But is still a cuddle bum with us and shows off his affection without hesitation towards us.


If you were looking for an exotic pet would you consider purchasing a Bengal feline since they are truly an amazing pet


Facebook  link : Living with a exotic pet feline, can you do it?

Twitter link : Life with a Bengal leopard would it be your choice for a family pet ?




2 thoughts on “Life with an F4 Asian Leopard

  1. Savannah cats and bengals are such gorgeous creatures aren’t they? I enjoyed reading your post, I have wanted to adopt a bengal since I first saw one 6 or 7 years ago. I myself have few cats prowling the house and although he isn’t related to the bengal family, the most accurate description would be of a dog in a cats body. One thing I would have liked to know more was your personal experience with the breed. Maybe a quick anecdote of something funny he did, or a silly habit of his. I think it would have helped round out the blog. I can’t wait to see what you write this week.

  2. Thank you for your feed back. Fig marches to a different drummer, if he wants your attention he sure knows how to get it. Either he nibbles on your toe under the blankets or talks back to you and if your on the phone likes to put his two cents worth in on the conversation. He lets you when he does not agree with what you are doing. But we love him and I look forward after coming home from work he waits for you in the living room window and by the time you get to the door he is ready to greet you. It sometimes makes your end of day worth while with a greeting from him then he wants to tell you about his ! Usually a cookie is a good pay off…..

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