COM0014 | Post 3 | Target Audiences

A classic Italian Sports Car that starts with and F …

Gotcha! No it is not a Ferrari … it is a Fiat. I refer you to my post  COMM0011• Bog Post#5 • my favorite car … that provides a context for this post.

After reading my original post it becomes obvious on my preference for a classic Italian Sports car that starts with an F … is a Fiat Ritmo105tc, this is also my hobby. You may ask how could such a rare and undignified car would\could find a following? It may surprise you that there exists a site devoted to the Ritmo Cars called Ritmo World

The Audience

Members of Ritmo World come from all parts of the world, they can be in their mid 30’s to people like me in their 60’s. For example one member, Albert Byvalin lives in
St. Petersberg Russia, and looks like he is 30 perhaps younger and owns a 1982 60CL. Goh Ohtani in Japan who owns a series 11 130 Ritmo looks to be in his 40’s. Myself, Gregory Sreblowski, in Ottawa Ontario, Canada own a series 1 Ritmo105tc, I am in my 60’s. Then there is Alberto Massarotto, is in his mid 40’s, owns a 1980 Fiat Strada, the North American version of the Fiat Ritmo. There are more than 125 members listed on the Ritmoworld website, some own more than one Ritmo or Italian car. My love for these cars is rooted in my first new car, a 1979 Fiat Strada that I purchased in Ottawa.

Communicating with the Audience

The best way to communicate with this captive audience, is through Ritmo World, the moderator of the site is Andreas Hellmann. Andreas owns at least 6 Ritmo’s that I know of, he is a great source for parts and knowledge on the best options for dealing with issues related to fixing these cars.  Since 2000 he has been organizing bi-annual drives spring and fall, he calls them Ritmo World Meetings, with members mainly in Europe. Then there are the obvious places to connect thought Italian car clubs across the world via the internet and vast network of Italian car enthusiasts.

On Twitter there is a Fiat Ritmo Club Italia which does not have much activity. There is a Fiat Ritmo Facebook page that has more activity than Twitter. On Youtube there are variety of videos that show people driving Fiat Ritmo’s. On Youtube, video’s with Giancario Baghetti promoting the Ritmo’s (in Italian), when compared to today’s approach to promoting cars using video’s, his approach is quaint to say the least.

Social Media Strategy

This is a niche audience,  a strategy would involve Andreas linking Ritmoworld site to Facebook, for people to communicate issues and update the lovers of these cars about what they are doing while they enjoy these quirky vehicles. Email is one other tool to connect with Fiat Ritmo enthusiasts.








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