Love is in the air

With Valentine’s Day approaching I thought it would be interesting to consider a genre of books that I enjoy on a regular basis – romance novels. I kept it generic enough as there are so many sub genres within the broad scope of romance novels. Who knew!? My personal tastes run to romantic suspense and/or romantic fiction – almost all my books that I enjoy have the HEA (happily ever after). Corny I know but I confess that I adore the fairy tale. Anyhow I digress, just searching ‘romance authors’ alone results in thousands of suggestions within seconds of hitting enter. Who other than me are reading romance novels? Huffington Post published an article a couple of years ago, breaking down the romance novel audience with myths and facts of who makes up the audience of the romance novel genre.


The audience in question has valuable interactive forums at their fingertips with goodreads, Romance Divas, and Amazon just to name the top three popular sites for lovers of the genre to find their next author to binge read.


The Ottawa Public Library has thousands of romance books in all subgenres in both traditional and e-book formats and within the OPL’s site; you can be a part of the community by sharing your reviews of the books and authors searched.


As of right now there is no Romance Writers of Canada however our southern neighbours have a comprehensive site at Romance Writers of America otherwise known as RWA, they too have broken down their target audience. I think what surprised me most about their statistics is that 16% of romance readers are male. Clearly everyone needs a little romance in their life whether they are lucky enough to find it in person or through the pages of a well-written book ❤


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