Hey, I’m talking to you! Post -3

I have been working my direct sales business for the last few years. I deal with cooking products and home based cooking “shows” and demonstrations.  Now that I have children, I would like to be able to translate my in-person success to my online presence. That means working on finding my target audience.

Now technically I have products that cater to the needs of everyone who eats. A little broad if you ask. My products are for the home cook but with a high quality. I deal with the home baker, the grill master, the single or college student who does microwave cooking, the healthy diet person, the retired person looking to downsize, and my most common person is the mom who needs to make their life easier.

Looking at what I have been posting on social media and what has been giving me success are images or videos that demonstrate ways to make healthy and easy meals, in no time.


Grilled Chili Lime Chicken fajitas salad!

This speaks to the busy mom mostly. My business is marketing strongly on the family aspect and sitting and sharing a meal around the table.  So that means that as a company they are looking for families who hosts events or cooks with their children. The purchasers are mostly female, 20+ with some form is disposable income or the mothers of these.

As it stands, it appears that using Facebook videos (live especially) that focus on recipes or products, has the most engagement or have actually translated into sales.  I have also had mild success on Instagram with imagery. I would love to increase my audience to encompass more. Practice makes progress!

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