COMM0014 Blog#3 Analytics of the Defence Community

According to Veterans Affairs Canada statistics published in 2015, there are approximately 685,000 Canadian military veterans.  By my calculations, Traditional Veterans Organizations (TVOs) have less than 25 percent of this community as members.  Of these, more than 90% are Caucasian males with a High School diploma.  Perhaps of greater concern is that half of these mostly male military veterans in the TVOs tend to be above the age of 75 whereas the average age of the majority of veterans in Canada are Baby Boomers with a much larger female component with more post High School education.  Moreover, the ethnicity, religious affiliations and choice of spouse is much more diverse.

The difference between the two groups also has a psychographic component.  Unlike military Baby Boomers and Millennials, the TVO member is more likely to be retired, living on a single fixed income revenue stream (e.g. pension) and looking at traveling (e.g. cruises).


A member of the Greatest Generation, Danny Daniels (left), and a Baby Boomer, the author (right).

TVO members may still be inclined to use the phone, websites and emails, but statistics show that Facebook, Twitter, text messaging and YouTube videos become increasingly important for military Baby Boomers and Millennials.

Seen from this perspective, my preferred option is to focus on four social media forums to concentrate on the largest component of the veteran community: Baby Boomers and Millennials military veteran community.  They are: (1) Twitter that will encourage people to visit my blog; (2) Facebook page that will refer people to my blog; (3) YouTube videos on Facebook that will encourage people to visit my blog and finally (4) my blog.  This approach would be my priority which reflects the current rate of posts by medium for my entire blog and not just any specific issue.  In others words, I would post more often on Twitter than Facebook but more often on Facebook that on my blog.

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