Comm 0014 Post #3- Target Audiences

My personal hobby would be writing poetry. I have studied many different poetry styles such as sonnet, haiku, narrative, free verse and metaphorical poems. This hobby is more of a passion that started around the age of 14, I have collected 8 written journals that I have personally wrote and some day wish to publish. I started writing when I felt alone and my parents started divorcing, I started writing to cover up my hurt and I used my writing as more of a soothing mechanism to help me get through some tough times. Writing to me was not only something I had to do to feel better, but it is something that to this day brings joy in my life.  To me I had an experience where writing my poems potentially can help someone. See that’s the one thing I didn’t realize, my writing could become helpful or inspiring.


Its very important that I understand my audience’s diversity and its impact on the poetry setting. I started with using I then added poetry into the trending areas and found some peaks in the current dates that people sought out poetry information. I found that through the holidays and the months before hand, people had a tremendous spike in interest. Researching and analyzing the community reveals a great deal of information about the people I want to reach out to.

The 2 main areas I need to focus online are;

  • Demographics; There are certain characteristics given for each style of writing I am looking to portray. For example; I have a self development book for anxiety and depression. The book would target, youth both male and female. From low income families, with divorced or single parents
  • Psycho-graphics; the attributes, opinions, values and form of 2-way communication online. This will help determine lifestyle and hobbies to perfectly move forward with a successful online campaign
  • .poem-by-shy

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