COM0014 – Blog #2: Putting Myself in the Reader’s Shoes

There are so many blogs out there dying for your clicks and begging to go viral.  We, the readers, are the ones who decide what blogs are successes so I decided to examine some reasons why I end up clicking and sharing a particular blog while completely ignoring and even blocking others.

Storytelling really is a huge part of what makes a blog successful in my eyes.  I’ve found it extremely hard to nail down exactly the kind of storytelling I like but there are a few non-negotiables I seem to keep going back to.  Poor spelling, punctuation and/or grammar are the first things that prevents me from reading on.  No matter how good the story is, a poorly written blog gives me the sense that the author isn’t credible.

I also find as a reader I have a particular style I lean towards.  I like funny stuff!  I even like it better when the content is informative, current, and still somehow funny.  It’s a fine line to walk, especially in an age of being easily offended, but it’s gold when I find it.  When I find a piece on social media that really engages me, I feel a responsibility to share it.  I think that finding your audience is a huge part of the process and once you’ve attracted them with your storytelling and style, they’re a shoe-in for shares.

Putting myself in the reader’s shoes while writing a blog really keeps my eye on the prize.  It helps me figure out who I am trying to attract and for what purpose.  It also helps me examine the reason I am writing and hone in on what could make my blog a big success.

Let me know in the comments what storytelling style you seem to be drawn to?


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