The Out Of “Social Media” Dilemma blog 2

A few days ago, I accidentally spilled coffee on my laptop. In that moment, all I could think was “oh no I have work to be done on my computer and assignments that were nearing deadline, and no internet connection??!”  Needless to say,  I was furious.  And to think that my daily activities revolved around my laptop as my internet portal. Well I do work with my husband in helping him promote his business online and this meant that my work is backed up. How would having no computer and no internet affect me?  It all comes down to how much we personally use the internet and what for.


Oh Shucks!! The Internet Is Down!!

Almost all businesses nowadays have some relationship with the Internet whether it’s a brick and mortar location or an online store, or both.  It is obvious that small businesses can fail when not keeping it up with new technologies, business models, market conditions, and marketing channels.

We rely on the internet for college materials, assignments and course completion. As Internet access begins to reach far and wide, students rely on the Web more heavily than ever when doing research. Most students seldom enter a library on campus, opting instead to search for the information and resources they need online.

Anyone can become dependent on the internet. Like other compulsive activities, internet viewing distracts people from uncomfortable emotions. Perhaps most importantly, however, is the frequency with which we use online platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter to socialize. An article by The Atlantic even went so far as to suggest that social media makes us lonely, leading to mental and physical illnesses.


Lost Without Internet!!

I believe that nowadays you don’t need to be an internet addict to be painfully affected if the internet would break down for even a few hours. Just keep in mind that when you’re experiencing such loss of internet connection you have other activities that don’t require the use of your laptop or internet such as exercising, reading, face to face communication, and writing in your own journal . I’m not saying you should shun the internet; I know I couldn’t! I just feel that blogs, Twitter, Facebook & all those things should be a supplement to your life, not the sum of your life.

Are we becoming too dependent on the Internet? How would having no internet affect you?


A Brand New Social Network

Can you live without internet?

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What’s it like not to have internet?

The out of “Social Media” Dilemma

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8 thoughts on “The Out Of “Social Media” Dilemma blog 2

  1. Hi Joey – my internet connection in Nunavut is so poor that on Friday night while I was trying to do my assignments for this course, I couldn’t even load the webpages. I wasn’t trying to download anything and I sure wasn’t trying to do anything as wild as view a YouTube tutorial: I was just trying to get onto All of our ISPs in Iqaluit are over-subscribed, and the situation is worse outside of Iqaluit. It is so incredibly frustrating. We’re all hoping we get fibre sometime in the next decade so that we can join the rest of the world on the Internet.

    I enjoyed your blog, especially because I could load the page!

    • Hey, I can relate to not having proper internet or slow connection. This is what it was like when I lived in Lebanon, very poor internet connection even though we paid more than we should. But the advantage about it was that I used to read more books, exercise daily, and enjoy a social life. I didn’t rely on online social networking, I lived it. I’m sorry about your situation in that it can get very frustrating trying to upload your work and research. I do hope that you will get a better connection soon.

  2. Hey, i enjoyed reading this blog, as for me i wouldn’t mind not having internet since i am hardly on it, I am only on internet when i have to do my homework when my kids are in bed, and when i need to contact my family, but i enjoy this blog, very interesting.

    • Thank you:) Doing work and contacting your family, this is reasonable time for internet use. Your time is used for other purposes.

  3. This is so true. I remember where I was living growing up was a small rural community outside of town and we only had dial up. It would take 10 minutes just to load a page and if someone picked up the telephone, we would get disconnected. Technology has come such a long way in a short period of time.

    With everything being so easily accessible, it’s easy to become dependent on having it available 24/7. I know as a Millennial, I definitely get wrapped up in browsing Facebook or Instagram when I have more important things I should be focusing on. In fact, it is one of my new year’s resolutions to spend less time on social media…ironically enough as I take an introduction to social media course haha. But so far it is working out. I’m reading more, getting things done around the house, and am less obsessed with reading up on what my “friends” have been up to.

  4. Hi there! Very interesting blog. In response to your question, while I think I could live without the internet it would definitely be alot harder. I use the internet alot for communicating with family (sister lives overseas in England),for employment pursuits. and for entertainment (YouTube videos).

    • Thanks Emily! I can relate for using the internet to communicate with family living overseas. As I mentioned in my blog, we can’t shun the internet, however, we should limit its use.

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