Is Social is Positive or a Negative aspect in our life?


Creating, Exchanging, sharing of information to participate in the social networking through forms of electronic communications such as websites or applications ( Facebook, Instagram) is known as social media. These are different stages where the people can make their personal profile share pictures, content and update to their friends, family and other people through out the world.

The key feature of using social media is to be in contact with your loved ones. This is the platform where one can find and make a connection either with one of your college roommate, professor in high school or entirely new people within or international. Social media can help one in various ways such as finding someone for date, people with common interest, doing business, makes you feel comfortable.

dog computer


In this modern era, social media is having lot of importance in the field of business. As there is one best example, People used to spend 1-4 bucks for newspaper and go around to store to get it. The newspapers companies made a a lot of money through advertisement. But because of social media it has been totally changed as most of the people started reading news online and watching adds Online(In 1987 Newspaper companies were having profit of 40 million but because of change in environment in 2011 social media news started making more than 50 million leaving the companies behind at profit of 10 million).   According to the survey people are more happy to read online without going outside especially the old people. Its big opportunity for the business people as they have been able to contact with the customer and provide their products and services by increasing contacts with use of social media.

Connecting to the people through the social media is not only starting new relationships but results into ruining other relationships. It is very easy to communicate and share the information through these social sites but apart from this we are having a major disadvantage of having less contacts in real life. People used to meet each other but now they are so much busy in their own life and they started using these websites in order to make contacts with the people. Social media is becoming addiction to the people which is distracting from almost every field like jobs, studies etc. Is this the way how people are using their expressions through emoji?

This use of social media has changed everybody’s life. What do you think is it Merit or Demerit?

facebook-logo-png-transparent-background-llch-300x225Demerits and merits of social media.

twitterbird_rgb  What do you think Is social media more benefits or limitations?










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