COM0015 – Post #1: Tools & Sources

I really wouldn’t say that I have any favorite social media listening/monitoring tools, only because I have trouble keeping my focus when I’m on my phone. I get so derailed that I often forget what I was trying to find out. If I really have to pick a favorite social media trend listening/monitoring tool, it would be Instagram and Youtube (if they count). My top best news/updates would be Facebook and Snapchat; again, if they count.
I like to watch for any trends on the search section of Instagram because it’s tuned to show me things that would interest me. I get to pick and choose which image I’m drawn to out of a selection of images. Seeing a selection of images also allow me to spot trends as I scroll. There are a few people I follow on Youtube that are generally more up to date with matters in the world I am, so when I watch their videos, I get a brief summary of events.

I would say that Reddit is a great source of news and updates. I think it’s focus is more based on news sharing, which makes it a great platform for news coverage, trend spotting, and monitoring. I prefer these tools because I am on them at least once a day. If my news can be incorporated to the apps I use, not only am I getting all the information I need, I’m getting it on a platform that I enjoy. Reading a newspaper article doesn’t appeal to me, but watching a short Snapchat video on news does. So much of our world is online now that it would be in my best professional and organizational interest to find an application online that gives me the news I want in a medium I like. I would rather have my information explained to me in a video than read about it in a newspaper.



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