COM0015 – Blog Post #1 – Tools and Sources

My two favorite social media trend listening/monitoring tools are RSS feeds, such as Google Alerts, and Twitter. I like to use RSS feeds because then you can monitor any and all posts relating to specific keywords and topics you are interested in. Google Alerts provide us with the ability to know what’s being said about certain topics or products instantly. The same goes for Twitter – by searching specific hashtags or keywords, you can see what other people are tweeting about with regards to certain topics you might be interested in. I also use Twitter quite a bit for news and updates because I find that Twitter has the most current, timely and up to date information on various stories and subjects. I prefer these tools over any others because I feel that you can narrow down your key words and searches and can then sift through to only read the stores you are interested in, they are fast and easy to use, and always have the latest info posted. I find that almost everyone is on Twitter these days and blogs, websites and products that I am interested in almost all have a corresponding Twitter account. I find that I can always look at Twitter to get the latest news and updates, especially about things I am interested in. For example,, a local news website for Sault Ste. Marie, uses Twitter to post links to all of their stories so you always have access to the latest news and updates. I find this very useful and it keeps me up to date on anything going on in my city. I also follow various companies on Twitter such as Sephora, LuluLemon and Victoria’s Secret – I never miss out on sales, promotions, discount codes, or new products because I can see all of this posted on their Twitter accounts!

One thought on “COM0015 – Blog Post #1 – Tools and Sources

  1. Hey Taylor – After seeing Google Alerts mentioned by so many as one of their tools and sources, I’m now wondering if my dismal experience with it may just be my improper use of it. Several years ago, when I had cause to pay close attention to news and developments on a particular topic, I turned to Google Alerts. I took the time to make a careful and considered list of key words that would be as good a combination of specific and targeted, while not being too restrictive.

    My experience, however, was extremely disappointing. I found ultimately that I got too many hits and was frustrated for feeling I had to wade through it all to catch the big one. I also found it missed mentions from popular forums / websites (my chief complaint). Perhaps it has come some way in addressing some of these issues, or I just wasn’t savvy enough with it. Any tips you have for maximizing its effectiveness would be welcome! Thanks for the post.

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