COM0014 • Post #2 | Communication Styles

Communication Styles: Who doesn’t enjoy a cup of coffee? 

(Replace coffee with tea or hot chocolate in the title.)

I am a brand ambassador (a part time job) with Match Marketing and have promoted the the Keruig Coffee brewers in Canadian Tire, The Bay, Future Shop, Best Buy in Ottawa and the region for the last three years. 

You may say what does coffee and being a brand ambassador have to do with story telling.

2015-04-17-11-15-53-hdrI would say lots … when I started out it was easy to stand and spew out the merits of the brewer single cup system and the technical details, it was all boring. Non engaging and I dreaded each time I did a shift.

Then I changed my style. Rather than spewing out details about the brewer, I talked to them and asked why they enjoyed coffee (tea, hot chocolate) what the drink did for them on a personal level. Then I would weave a story on how the Keurig brewer would enable them to enjoy the their coffee (tea) in the morning, afternoon … or time they preferred.

To get people to talk I comment on something they wear, baseball caps are great. Especially if it is the local team Senators or the Canadians … a great conversation starter about the coffee, tea or hot chocolate  … then I chat bout the brewer and it easy of use … the story.

In sales your are there to sell the sizzle so the customer buy’s the dream. That is how I present the brewer … the dream, the vision … I weave a story. It is that engagement with the customer that makes the “experience” all the more important. For example, when the latest version of the Keurig system began showing up in stores, the K200 became available in a range of colours …  red, blue, grey and so on. I would ask “So what colour is your kitchen?” … once I showed then colours in store and online … the eyes lite up, thinking about which colour would go best in their kitchen.

Other times it is an older couple that stops by and I always asked the man … “Is that boss?” The man usually says yes and the woman nods in approval and a discussion occurs about them. Then they have a cup of coffee the story goes on and they walk away having had a great cup of free coffee and a great experience with the Keurig brand.

Story tellingis about engagement … how you engage and bring people into a story is the key. That little morsel of information … the lead… that perks them up and makes them listen (video blogging ) OR read your blog.

Once people are engaged in the story then you need to keeping feeding them morsels/information that makes them read on and or listen until you arrive at your conclusion. But … do not bore your audience. The stories or the video pitches that are most annoying, are the ones that promise info and keep dragging on ad nausea and do not get to the point.

So what does coffee have to do with story telling? … a lot … people talk when them have a coffee in hand either standing or sitting and listen and converse about their lives, their stories.

I would not be surprised IF some of you are enjoying a cup of coffee or tea as you read this and other posts.

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