COM0014 – Blog # 2 – Technology and new way of communication

Communications is what “bring us together”. We might use different ways of communications, but we all “have the desire to express ourselves” and be heard.

The vast development of technology might have changed the way we tell stories, communicate and engage our audience, but the purpose of it still remained the same. Humans cannot live alone, they need connection.

Social media have created a new platform for storytellers. They can share their stories with thousands of people in a matter of second. And they can get respond and comments from their audience. Moreover, social media have opened an opportunity for everyone to become storytellers. But they have to know to use the correct style of communication so that they can build a connection with audiences.

A great example can be YouTube. People of all age share their stories, ideas or any kind of content online. Everyone has access to it. Depending on the content of video it has different types of audiences. Most of them post new videos every single week. People watch YouTube rather than TV. Perhaps, because they have the opportunity to express their own ideas in the comments. It gives them a sense of connection.

Therefore, it’s appropriate to say that the way I tell a story, communicate and engage the audience is different from the way my grandfather used to do. But we both have the desire to have listener and audience.

If you are reading this blog, it means that you are living in a new era of communication. Agree?


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