COM0014 – Blog #2: Content Quality and Me.

I have learned that I am much more receptive to enjoying a blog or a YouTube creator, if they offer me clear, put together, enjoyable content. I have always been very selective with which blogs I follow or which YouTubers I watch, and after this week’s lesson, I’ve realized why. I do not have the time to waste on content that isn’t giving me what I want, in the way I want it. I like to enjoy blogs that are straight forward and to the point; informative, but still fun and have been put together with care. On YouTube, I like to watch videos that are short, fun, and edited seamlessly. There is a clear difference between an experienced creator and a novice creator on YouTube, and to me, the time and care YouTubers put into their content makes or breaks my decision to subscribe.

I am more aware of the way content is reaching me, and I have no problem cutting out sources that aren’t giving me valid posts. I’ve stumbled upon various blogs or videos that have very little creativity being expelled. When a creator is reaching out to me, I want to see their creativity in their work, and with some of the blogs or vloggers I’ve come across, I can’t understand why people follow or subscribe.

Talking to your audience is a really great way to engage, and encouraging them to comment with their thoughts on what they liked and/or disliked about your blog or video brings you and your fan-base closer together. Creators need to be open to all forms of criticism and the comment section is a great way to interact with your content creators.

Here are some creators that I think nailed content and video quality, and are consistently producing content at the same level:

A Beautiful Mess


Do you have expectations with the blogs you follow? Do you think that quality is more important than quantity? Let me know what you think and share which creators you think rise above the rest!


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