COMM 0014 Blog #2 Access To Information At Our Fingertips

With many different methods of storytelling, I find its only emerging and you never know when your story can be picked up and go viral.

With the purpose of story telling to be about entertainment, education and culture preservation’s, we now have access to information at our fingertips. For Example; We can now “YouTube” how to do something and allow people to compel their insights and perceptions through comments.

The true process of story telling comes from the perception that we conceive from something we see, read or do. When then absorb the information and continuously keep sharing it. As we are sharing it we are constantly growing and learning from the stories and our own access of information. We are connected from all over the world and with the massive transformation in the online world, our stories are no longer hidden or explicit.

This is just the very start to the exciting time that only will extend to many ways of communication. As we increase the social media interaction can generate all new forms of information from story telling, we can then have access to linking it through other media platforms of information such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and blogging in hopes our story is heard. Telling stories help strengthen the information and as we weave through the online information we are in control of what we believe

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