COM0014 – Post 2 – People: the elders of this era?

Cave painting, dancing, song, and the written word are how information have been passed down through the ages as ways of communications. As technology progresses, we can now find multitudes of platforms, allowing us to express our message in our own way.

From live videos and edited vlogs, to podcasts and written out blogs, to pictures or gifs, the ways to communicate have now expanded to become more accessible than ever.

Gone are the days where only the elders were in charge of passing down history. Everyone and anyone can share their story.  All we need now is access to the internet and our message can be delivered, audience or not. This allows us to make connections with like-minded individuals, helps us create our own “village”, and “pass down” our own stories. (or cats. The internet seems to LOVE cats)

Think about it, creating connections with people from all over the world, communicating through the same medium, thanks to technology.  We no longer need to travel to share our words; they do the traveling for us.
If you use a program such as Instagram or Tumblr, you can even communicate and convey messages to those who do not speak the same language! (Until, of course, technology catches up and we have instant translators!)

One can only imagine the interactions and stories that will be shared as technology evolves further!

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