COM0014 – Blog # 1 – Winter Break (Vocation)

Vocation! I don’t know what does vocation mean. I didn’t do much interesting things to tell you about. So let me tell you about my Winter Break, Exciting right?!

First, I was about to break my knee. Holy Cow! Ottawa is gold. Everywhere you go, you basically freeze. But with all of this coldness and strange weather, I get to do some new things.

G1! Since I just graduate from high school, I found some time to learn driving. I took driving test Like 3 times and finally got my G1. Now I can practice and practice to get my G2 for the summer.

Ukulele! I also didn’t know what Ukulele was. I thought it is a small Guitar for kids. I learned how to play it and tone it without a toner. I know it’s a big deal. Now I can play even songs with Ukulele. Although sometimes my roommate tells me to record myself and listen to it. But I know I sound good.


Cooking! I missed my mom. She used to cook all these delicious foods and I never get to appreciate her effort. Now that I am away from her, all I do is eat subway or sushi. But winter break was a great chance to learn cooking and treat myself.


Thanks for ready,


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