Should you really use Social Media for a Marketing Tool?

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Social Media can be used as a two-way path for communication between potential or existing clients and followers.


There are many benefits, one being a great tool for Customer Service !


Without happy customers the business has the potential of staying stagnant.  A client that is unhappy can share via Social Media their issue / complaint with your company, a one sided version to unlimited numbers which could be a negative.  It is very important to make your clients experience as positive as you can.  The old saying by ” word of mouth “ advertising is the root of the original social media in my belief.

Using Social Media could be used for endless reasons, one being attracting new clients. Then sliding to the other end of the scale keeping connected or building solid foundations with existing clients.

With being on Social Media sites it can bring increased visibility for your company to promote growth, which will provide ” one stop shopping ” for clients that are looking to use all of your services offered.  You will have to choose which site is best for you and your purpose.  I chose Facebook and Twitter over Pinterest ( Lifestyle, DIY ) and Snapchat ( Teen site ) because it gave me a broader market to connect with.

Below is a great link for for the novice person trying to decide which path to choose for Social Media.  It gives you information on how to choose your audience and getting to know the particular sites and what they each have to offer you.

Best of all it is Canadian!


Do you feel this link is a realistic look at the different types of today’s available Social Media sites ?

3 thoughts on “Should you really use Social Media for a Marketing Tool?

  1. hey Cheryl, I like your blog. I think there is benefits of social media in doing marketing but there is disadvantages in our daily lives because of not having so much which was used to be. But if we think about doing marketing I think it is the best tool in to spread your business.

  2. Thank you for your reply abhishekkanda. With starting my employment with my present company, which has been in business for 10 years and advertising by way of mouth and happy repeat customers. We are trying to widen our area by the most cost savings which is by means of Facebook and local web sites. It comes down to striving to survive and that would also include one of my reasons for enrolling in this course.

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