Is social Media an addiction?


The web has become much more transparent and thanks to the many social platforms out there, people can now create personal brands and scale their activities to millions of people all across the globe.  It has made it easier to idolize people linked to our interests and this has resulted in even more content constantly flowing to us through the numerous platforms these personalities use to grow their following.

All these amazing platforms have made the Internet by far the best place to learn and discover new, interesting and popular content.  As a result of the steady increase in the rate of content being produced every day, it has now become impossible to keep up with all this quality content.

We may not always like it or even understand it but Social Media like every other major shift in how we communicate offers benefits and hurdles. It seems that you can no longer have a conversation without spending at least half of the time discussing Social Media.

Social networking sites were originally designed to keep people in contact with individuals they would otherwise have no, or very little, communication with. The majority of information you put on your profile on Facebook is essentially public property. Anyone with the right knowledge can access information about us that we may not want them to know. While most people view these sites as harmless fun, the repercussions for our lives from social networking can reach further than we sometimes imagine.

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Most people I know are not only on social media (mostly Facebook), but some of them are quite frankly addicted. Sometimes I look at these people who are excessive picture takers and posters on social media and think, “What ever happened to just simply enjoying the moment? Why do we feel the need to constantly document our lives for everyone to see?” For example, many people constantly upload pictures and updates when they are on vacation. And I wonder if they are actually paying attention to and appreciating what they are experiencing. Or are they just lost in the social media posting? Everything you put on social media is constructing what is called your “online identity.”

 I wish for the days when people were actually present and actual connections were truly made.  Sure, re-tweets and sharing material is fabulous, but I am noticing more and more that these sites are emptying out.  The real people are gone and have been replaced by a robot that throws information out into the world on a schedule.  The reality is that people are losing touch with each other, I still think that the most effective connections with people are made face to face.

                                                             Top 10 social Media addiction

                                                                                                           BY JACKY TAN | SMALL BUSINESS

 Sign #1: You check your mobile phone every few minutes for any notification on Facebook, Twitter mentions and such.

Sign #2: You think your world is over when you have no internet access or when Twitter, Facebook or other social media is down.

                                                             30 Signs Of Social Media Addiction image geek and poke cartoon11

Sign #3: You assume other people can understand what you mean by your cool terms such as BRB (‘Be right back’), CMI (‘cannot make it’), LOL (‘laugh out loud’) and so on.

Sign #4: You have to check in at every new location to let everyone know where you are.

                                                                                        30 Signs Of Social Media Addiction image funny sm1

Sign #5: You literally announce to everyone on social media what you are doing every day, every hour. Things like brushing your teeth, having a lunch, found a penny, went shopping today and blah, blah, blah.

Sign #6: You have a meeting every week with others (social media addicts) to plan on what updates to put up on Facebook for next week.

Sign #7: You tag your friends on pictures that do not involve them, in order to make sure they see the pictures on their Facebook timeline.

Sign #8: You start to #hashtag #about #everything #under #the sun.

Sign #9:  You have made urgent requests on Facebook for your family and friends to send you ‘lives’ on Candy Crush.

Sign #10: You believe life is more happening on social media than in reality.


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Is social Media an addiction?


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6 thoughts on “Is social Media an addiction?

  1. Hi Joey. Great blog! Although I agree that social media is an addiction, I am happy to report that I didn’t check off any of the signs you listed. Having said that, I do feel a bit anxious if I leave my phone at home and find myself “unable” to check in with my family (because who uses a telephone anymore??) or see what’s happening on Facebook. I also use Facebook as a tool to prevent boredom, which seems silly since I am looking around right now and see tons of things that could keep me busy 🙂

    • Hey Leese,
      I get anxious when I happen to forget my cell at home sometimes and I’m unable to check in with family and friends or FB, Insta. and the list goes on. To prevent boredom we should be connecting to the real world, go out and explore, go have a family picnic and not always rely on social media to view who, what and when…we should limit our time on social media and use it for a purpose and not just to avoid boredom.

  2. Good morning Joey.
    Straight to the point blog !
    Your comment as follows…”For example, many people constantly upload pictures and updates when they are on vacation. And I wonder if they are actually paying attention to and appreciating what they are experiencing.”….I have a relative that fits your comment to a tee, advertising they are away from home. Informing the public there may be no one at their house. Great information for your local break and enter artist!
    People also wonder how someone steals their identity!

    My belief is enjoy the moment you are living now and take it to the fullest you can. Memories are priceless. Too much useless information is just a dogs breakfast.

    • Hi Cheryl,
      Life is meant to be lived and explored through every memory and experience we take on. Surfing the internet doesn’t count as a priceless memory.

      • Good afternoon Joey.

        Not sure if you misunderstood my comment or not? I do not consider surfing the internet as a priceless memory.

  3. Hi Cheryl ,
    I did not misunderstand your comment, on the contrary, I agreed with what you said. Memories are priceless but some people like most of my friends and family and the relative that you mentioned don’t know how to enjoy these precious times.

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