COMOO15 -Post#1-Tools & Sources

I agree that, finding an ideal listening or monitoring site is a challenge for everyone. There are hundreds of listening and monitoring sites available in the market. Luckily, many monitoring sites is free so these free options are great for getting insight that we need.


Image result for images of social media tools


Amongst these Listening and Monitoring tools, I really like Hootsuite and Google Trends to use for social media. There are great user friendly features in these tools that are simple to use and understand. As a beginner, it allows me to be able to read and understand data graphs being taken out from my monitoring efforts of social media, and in return I can work on it.

Google Trends offers a lot of information on current hot topics, analysis of the topic and what impact a topic has in today’s online media.It’s helping people to get world’s reaction to a particular topic and what they are interested in and eager to know.

The other social media tool I really like is Hootsuite, I find it easy to use and help me to keep a track 2 free profiles, twitter and Facebook. I can monitor what people are saying about the brand so I could respond immediately. Hootsuite is a user friendly “Social Media Management” tool and many businesses manage their multiple networks for post updates or replies.




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