Developing a social media strategy

Hello everyone!

My name is Doug and I am new to the Algonquin College social media program, not brand new, this is my second course, but still quite new.

I find the speed with which social media has invaded our lives fascinating…Invading may not be the correct term, but for a 49 year-old military officer, the term invasion seems apt sometimes. I didn’t grow up with social media, nor did I gravitate towards it as it developed. Rather, social media seems to have pursued me, everyone I knew was on Facebook and they were asking why I wasn’t, same with LinkedIn and Instagram etc.

I developed my personal social media presence reluctantly, and badly. Then, my job required me to manage a social media team. Well, it was high time to get a better handle on things, so here I am.

I struggle with how we integrate social media into our lives, I often lament how people stare at their phones rather than look at the real world around them, but whatever they’re doing is important to them and I need to accept that.

Businesses have been hit with the popularity of social media too, and as a consumer I usually appreciate it when a product or service I am interested in has a social media presence that can help to inform my buying decisions.

I look forward to learning how to incorporate social media in a more strategic way.

One thought on “Developing a social media strategy

  1. Hi Doug, welcome back to the quest to become more literate and skilled in social media use. Like you, I struggle with it often and resent the time required and the way it impacts on my personal, real-time connections — but I understand that it’s part of our world. I’d rather be informed and confront this reality than have it sneak up on me from behind!

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