4 Ways Your #Fitfam Can Help You Lose Weight!

If you’re like me…and most of the population, you probably feel like you could stand to lose a few pounds or maybe even gain some weight or muscle.  Either way, chances are, there’s probably some aspect of your body you wish you could improve upon.

Like many Resolutioners, I set out on Jan 1 of 2013 to better my health.  Less junk, less alcohol, less excuses and more #selflove.  I started an Instagram page to document my weight loss after following a few inspirational fitstagram pages.  I didn’t care about gaining followers but figured it would be a good place to document my journey and follow some like-minded individuals for motivation and inspiration.

What I found, was an amazing community that help aid me in my weight loss in more ways than I could have imagined.  So without further ado, here are my 4 Ways Your #Fitfam Can Help You Lose Weight:

  1. #Community

communityWhen I first signed up and posted my initial “before pics” I had zero followers.  It wasn’t for them, it was for me.  But I found using hashtags such as #beforepictures, #weightloss, #healthy, and #getfit helped link me to a whole new world on Instagram for everything and everyone fitness related.  Soon I had followers pouring in who all wanted to watch me succeed and people that I could relate to that I followed back and cheered on.

I soon was hitting the thousands in followers and was receiving messages daily with support and encouragement from all sorts of people all around the world that could relate to some part of my journey.  People I had never met in real life were all cheering me on and it fueled my fire.  I have a great support system at home and in the real world but there was something so empowering knowing that these random people found me online and believed in me.  Like, hey, maybe I can do this thing!

  1. #Accountability

Oh man, this is a big one.  When people get used to you posting a #sweatyselfie after your workout or a snap of your oh so healthy green salad, and accountability
you miss a day or two they notice! And boy do the comments start rolling in.  “Where are you?”   “Hey, still grinding?”  “Hope everything’s okay!!”  You start to feel bad!  These people are counting on you and in a way are feeding off of your workouts and healthy meals to fuel their own.  If they see a plain-jane regular girl actually losing weight with diet and exercises then they believe they can too…so why would you want to disappoint them?

There were times that I fell off the wagon and had a bad weekend or even a bad week or month, and then I would see the out pour of messages.  People checking in or people sending words of encouragement like they could sense my self-sabotage, all encouraging me to get back on it.  It became a thing…if you don’t post your workout did it even happen?  Not to your #fitfam!!

  1. #Resources

When I first started, I had little knowledge of proper diet and exercise.  You can search Google all day but one site will say eggs are the healthiest food out there and another will say they will kill you.  I found doing my own preliminary research and then reaching out to my #fitfam on what worked for them helped me decide how I wanted to go about my weight loss.

helpIf you search hashtags for keto, paleo, vegan, IIFYM (If It Fits Your  Macros), or any other diet you’ve ever heard of, you will find a whole community that stands behind it where you can go for ideas and motivation and most people are happy to help if you have any questions.

I wanted to try CrossFit but wasn’t sure if my plus sized body would be able to handle the impact and intensity.  I started following a few larger women that participated in CrossFit and it opened my eyes to a whole world of plus sized athletes.  I learned I could modify moves and that most CrossFitters are so happy to watch you improve that they aren’t even looking at how much weight you have to lose.  This gave me the courage to join my local CrossFit gym whereas before I wouldn’t have had access to real life examples showing me I could do it.

  1. #Motivationmotivation

This is the BIG one!  Ever have those days where you promise yourself you are going to set your alarm for 5am and get that workout in before work?  Before following fitness accounts, I would just get up, turn my alarm off, and head back into my duvet cloud for another hour of sleep.  Once I joined Instagram, I would get up, immediately jump on Instagram to see all the people that I follow up and at it!  And boy did that get me out of bed.

When you know your friends are out there crushing your goals, you just can’t go back to bed.  Believe me, I’ve tried.  Then that little nagging voice tells you that you’re never going to reach your goal or that it’ll take you so much longer than so and so because you’re sleeping while they are going after their goals.

So there you have it…the 4 ways my Fitfam has helped aid in my weight loss!  Do I still have a weigh to go (get it?), of course I do!  But every day I #riseandgrind with the support and encouragement of all those cheering me on online and know that one day I will reach my goal.

Some people don’t like putting that much of themselves out there on the internet, but personally, I’ve found that the positives have always outweighed the negatives.  Would you feel comfortable reaching out online for support?  Or do you prefer to find in person support systems, and why?


Facebook Post: Support systems are great, even better when you don’t have to go anywhere to get one!  Click the link below for 4 Ways Your #Fitfam Can Help You Lose Weight! http://wp.me/p3QRy0-bt1

Twitter Post: Can your online community help you lose weight?  Click here for 4 Ways Your #Fitfam Can Help You Lose Weight! http://wp.me/p3QRy0-bt1



11 thoughts on “4 Ways Your #Fitfam Can Help You Lose Weight!

  1. I love that the Instagram community has served as a source of support, information and motivation for you to #riseandgrind. We often hear the negatives, of cyberbullying and body shaming, so it’s refreshing to read about your #Fitfam community and how they inspire you. I’m comfortable with sharing my #Pinterest recipe successes on Instagram, as well as book recommendations (the #bookstagram world is great!), pretty landscapes, and some photos of myself, but I can’t say I have opened up online as much as you have. While I’ve heard of online negativity, I think what’s holding me back from getting too personal online is the #IRL repercussions. I already get a little light teasing from some about what I share online, so I think what’s holding me back is actually the fear of how people I know will tease or put me down for something I share online. I think I’d actually be more open if I created an anonymous account, to keep my online and real life separate. Do you try to keep these separate?

    • Hi Leigh, I actually have just one account. I know many people that have a weightloss related account and then their personal one separate. I always struggled with the toggling back and forth and so I never bothered.

      There were certain things I was not open to sharing such as my actual weight or photos that were more revealing than I was comfortable. I know lots of people who go all out and put it all out there but I was never that open. Although, I definitely gained more confidence the more I did it. Luckily I never really saw any negative comments from anyone but I think even if I had they wouldn’t have bothered me too much. I have strangers, friends, and family all on my one account and I’ve never had anything but support.

      I definitely feared criticism but I think the more involved I got with the community online the less it bothered me. If you are doing anything – trying to lose weight, post about your recipe successes, or anything really why would someone want to put you down for something you are working towards? I believe that says a lot more about the other person than you. The mountains of support I get always outweigh the negatives for me. To see a community build each other up and look out for each other is a wonderful thing. And I thank instagram mainly for the whole #selflove movement. More and more people are working on accepting themselves and I think it’s great. Many people don’t have in person support systems so to have so easily accessible can, in many ways, actually change someone’s life.

      Either way you do it, either anonymously or named, I think you will find an amazing online support. And if people are teasing you about what you post then I would be reconsidering their friendship and what role they play in your life. Just be yourself and share whatever you want within your comfort zone and if someone comments something nasty then just delete it. It’s your page to share what you want! Best of luck!

  2. I love that you chose to tackle the subject of social media helping you with weight loss. I myself have been doing something similar since June. Every day is a challenge but with the right support, regardless of where the support comes from it makes it a little easier. Because of my own personal journey I was intrigued and wanted to know more about your story and success as so many others will. I found the pictures effective and true to this style of post. (I have many similar images and graphics posted around my room and in the kitchen as daily reminders 🙂 ) Thanks for the great read and don’t give up!

    • Thanks for your comment! I too have similar graphics pinned all over the house and work desk as little reminders of my goals. I am happy to hear you are on a similar journey and have found support! It’s a wonderful thing having so many people backing you up. Best of luck!!

  3. I found your post really inspiring. You hit the nail on the head when you called me out as one of the people who would like to lose/tone etc… I think it very powerful when people can use the internet to build people up and provide encouragement. So often you hear of internet “trolls” who shame people for anything that they don’t agree with. I hope that more people will be inspired by your story and encourage others along the way!

    • Hi Liz! You are so right. So often we hear of the negativity online but I definitely think there is a shift happening. There’s been so much #selflove promoted online and people are standing behind one another more than ever…at least from my experience. The world can be such a sad place that I think if you can provide any amount of support, encouragement, or kind words out there then you never know the ripple it can have.

      Thanks for the kind words!

  4. You’ve got me hooked on the idea that this could be a great resource for me losing weight too! My biggest struggle is staying committed to my health and fitness…it always seems to be the first thing that goes out the window when work, kids, home and other responibilites complete to win my attention. I know that it isn’t something I can wait to deal with later when life slows down but it always gets pushed to a tomorrow that never comes.

    I recently started a pact with myself to do 100 days of healthy dinners as a means to get me on track and I’ve been posting the photos to Instagram but never thought of using hashtags to connect with others who may be trying to do that same thing. Thanks so much for sharing. This blog might make the difference to get me on track to a better lifestyle for myself for the longterm!! 😀

    • Hi Miranda. Thanks for your comment! So glad to hear that it could be something that could help you on your journey. I know for me it was a huge turning point and definitely kept me accountable. Always harder to quit when you know people are watching haha. Best of luck in your journey!!!

  5. I can relate to this so much as I fought my own battle with it with the help of Instagram and the people out there who support you every step of the way without any judgements. Fitgirlguide is one of those communities where everyone is appreciated. Such an amazing article. Loved it!

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