COM0014 – Blog #1: The reason West is Best.


Sulphur Mountain Summit 2016


The happiest amongst the mountains. Sulphur Mountain.

I had the most satisfying vacation in 2016. My boyfriend Alek and I decided to go on a trip to Alberta and British Columbia to celebrate our graduation from Carleton University. I say satisfying because I felt right at home; my mental and physical stress just melted away when we got there. I’m originally from Calgary, and have family in Calgary and BC, but Alek has never been further West than Toronto, and I told him that the West was definitely something worth seeing. Personally, I think it is the most beautiful place; I get heart pains just thinking about it. If you’ve never been, please make the time to go; Canada’s landscape is so diverse and I’ve been lucky enough to have traveled to each end to see it all.


Elbow Falls in Bragg Creek

We had a two week stint out west; 3 days in Calgary, 3 days in Canmore/Banff, and 7 days in Cranbrook, BC with my family. Calgary was our down time; we checked out the old homestead, we visited my great grandma, went to Heritage Park, hit up a float tank while we were there (Read this for more info on what it is. I went to this one in YYC; try this one in YOW), and ate the most amazing tacos at Native Tongues Taqueria ,something we drool about to this day.


Horseback riding with Banff Trail Riders. This is Gambler, my handsome steed. 


Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel 2016


Lake Louise 2016


Canoe ride on Lake Louise (honestly so amazing)

We stayed in Canmore which is a beautiful town just outside of Banff. We did so much in the park. I had to take Alek to Lake Louise because it is so iconic, but we also took the gondola up to Sulphur Mountain, drove around the city, went to Marble Canyon.  We did as much as we could. At Lake Louise, we did the tourist canoe ride, which was great because my family never did that. I had looked up hiking trails to do around Lake Louise as well because I never did any of these awesome things when I lived there. We decided to hike up to Lake Agnes. It was the most difficult climb I have ever done, and I am so proud of myself for doing it. We basically climbed a mountain because the views from the top were unreal. There is this fantastic tea house at the end of the trail where you can stop to have a nice warm drink with some home made food.


Lake Anges, the tea house is out of frame, to the right. Once we climbed up top, we were blasted with freezing wind coming up and over the mountain. Sweet, sweet relief to my sweaty face. 


The shortest half kilometer to reach this view from Lake Anges. We decided might as well while we are up here and it was the best decision ever. This view is unreal. Taken from the summit of the Little Beehive. 

Next up was Moraine Lake. I was so eager to visit this lake because it was my first time visiting it. My family and I never went so I was looking forward to it, big time. Personally, I would pick Moraine Lake over Lake Louise in a heartbeat. Both are obviously gorgeous, but the vibes Moraine Lake was giving off were insane.


To reach Consolation Lakes, you have to take the trail from Moraine Lake. It was a nice hike and the end result was gorgeous. 


Moraine Lake 2016


Once we hit Cranbrook, we slowed our trip down a lot. We spent our time with my family and just enjoying our vacation. We went white water rafting with the fam, but the highlight of that week was skydiving in Golden, BC. Alek and I wanted to pull out all the stops and I told him if I was going to jump out of a plane, I’m doing it with a view I love. Honestly the craziest 5 minutes of my life. Check out Extreme Yeti Skydiving if you want to have the thrill.


Extreme Yeti Skydiving 2016


If I haven’t sold you on the beauty of Alberta, please check it out for yourself. I converted my boyfriend, and know you’ll be taken with the sights as well. If you’ve been out West, what are your top places to see? I didn’t get to see or do nearly as much as I wanted, but would love to add to my list for when I get back out there!

Till next time, AB.



2 thoughts on “COM0014 – Blog #1: The reason West is Best.

    • I was hoping to sway at least one person to experience this beauty! Depending on which season you go in, your experience will be different. I went at the end of June, to avoid the full on tourist season, but I had a friend who’s pal went at the beginning of June, and Lake Louise was covered with snow! Make sure to factor the season in for which kind of breathtaking experience you want to enjoy!

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