COM0014 Post #1 The Islands of Bahamas; Vacation

I find that people work constantly, trying to make their dreams come true or to achieve the next goal on their list. When we are constantly working, it is not long before we start picturing the beach or water, wondering when our next vacation will come.

For me I find the best way to truly enjoy a vacation is when I achieve a long term goal. My last vacation was after I gave a HUGE “thumbs up” and completed my goal. I graduated from sales and marketing and after 2 years of studying I completed my degree and set sail on a wonderful experience of a lifetime.


When I started planning my vacation I had the choice, but I was torn between which island to visit. One thing I knew for sure, was I wanted to narrow it down to a cruise and go for only a week. The planning process went smoothly. I chose to set sail from Miami, Florida, visit Nassau and Atlantis Bahama’s.

The first part of my trip was over whelming with excitement and it was filled with unique hotels and price’s that seemed fair with the October weather discount. Our boat did not leave until the following morning, that gave my family and I plenty of time to explore the Miami beaches…

which was HOT!


I explored the beaches and the many different shops that are placed along one side to another. The sun was extremely bright that day, and I remember the waves felt like they moved in slow motion. The feeling of the beach and the sound of the waves are truly stuck in my mind and the peace was pouring into my body I thought to myself ” I finally did it!!” The vacation was a great way to celebrate after all the hard work I put into my future career and it truly paid off.


Now lets talk about this boat…..


The boat was beautiful from inside out. When I first walked in I never expected it to be holding two floors with a casino on each floor. The pool deck was on the very top of the cruise ship and the exciting events  are their for Halloween. I forgot to mention…. I was there for Halloween…. I know SPooKy RiGHtttt?

There was comedy show entertainment and late night dancing. I would say to you that setting sail felt like home… but then again IT DID NOT feel like home. Time was passing by so fast that I didn’t think of going home AT ALL!!.

My family and I were actually scheduled to visit 2 islands however the caption made an announcement over the intercom and tell us “the waters are to rough, we are changing direction”. I found this a little scary at first but, but it was not long before I was caught up watching a belly flop contest or eating at the restaurant Denny’s on deck.


I was so excited to explore and try everything on the ship that I went to bed late, and woke up early. Before we knew it we arrived at The Islands of Bahamas.


When we arrived and deported off the ship, I was excited to find myself doing some more late night dancing and partying with the people who lived down there. The experience was truly an experience of a life time and is something I would recommend to anyone who is looking to let loose and celebrate there hard work!!!


Seriously you have to check it out!! I could go on for days about the different things I experienced but then again I wouldn’t want to spoil all of the fun 🙂




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