COM0014 – Blog#1 What I did on my vacation.

I couldn’t help but chuckle when I saw what the assigned title was for our first blog.  I had to chuckle…or cry. You see my Christmas Vacation was definitely a bust.  Oh my holidays weren’t  the Clark Griswold bust that we all watch every year delighting in the poor man’s failed attempts to enjoy what for many is truly the most wonderful time of the year, not that at all.  My holiday was one that I’m finding out was quite common for many this year, two weeks of illness.

Starting in early December the great push is on.  I start running around looking for the various items my wife lists off for me, you know, the gifts that she doesn’t have time to get herself.  My approach is one that I’m sure is common to most men my age. Each foray is a carefully planned mission that sees us jump in the car, head to the mall to battle for a parking spot that allows us the correct approach to our target destination.  Time to enter the mall and make a series of lightning tactical strikes as we check off item after item, done in 1 hour, I’m outta here.  Back in the car, a little hand sanitizer and away we go.  I should be safe on that run.  Did I touch the escalator railing?  Oh well, I used the Purell and I’ve had the flu shot.   This series of patrols along with the increased contact with friends and clients as I draw nearer the big day weighs heavily on my mind.  Avoid the flu. Avoid the cold.  Did he cough?

A week to go, all is good.  Some last minute scrambling at the office and I’ll be ready for two weeks with my family.  The boys will be back from University and we’ll all be together.  We’ll all do some skating, visit the in-laws and enjoy a great New Years party with family and friends. December 23rd arrives. No signs of a sniffle.  No tickle in the throat, not even a rogue sneeze.  I’m good to go!  Off to Orillia for a relaxing Christmas.  I’m cooking the turkey and I don’t mind that at all.  Christmas is great, a little public skating … forgot the Purell, but that should be okay, I didn’t really contact anyone although there was that one little girl that was sniffling in the corner of the skate changing room.  Not to worry.

December 29th and its time to hit the road for the trip home.  A quick trip of 4 1/2 hours and I’ll be home with the boys and we can see what trouble we can get into.  There’s football, the World Junior hockey championships.  Oh, the possibilities.  Little scratch and an ahem there, the van air is dry that’s all.  We’re at Peterborough and I’m feeling a little tired.  Havelock, I’ve got a cough and my nose is stuffed.  Perth, I’m home and heading straight in to bed after we unload the van.  As it would turn out, that’s where I would spend the balance of my vacation, in bed. So much for caution. So much for Purell and the flu shot.  I was done. I kept hoping against hope that I’d rise again before New Years.  At least let me celebrate the changing of the calendar!  I would have no such luck and New Years eve would find me still resting in bed.  To add insult to injury…there must have been a heavy snowfall to the south and west of my home as my satellite lost contact about an hour before midnight. I never even got to ring in the New Year.  Oh well, asleep by 11:30, that’s a new one!

I should say that my vacation was not a complete and utter loss.  I did get to see a lot of football and hockey.  My boys were home so the snow-blowing was covered.  I was still with my family even if they only visited me to bring me food and see how I was doing. And lucky me, I did recover just in time to go back to work!

God bless us, everyone!




One thought on “COM0014 – Blog#1 What I did on my vacation.

  1. Oh my!!! What a way to spend the christmas holidays..I do find that when I worry so much about taking all precautions against the flu, I often tend to get the flu.!!! And it is weird you got better just in time to get back to work…Funny isn’t it??? Life can be interesting that way…..

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