COM0014 – Personal Reflection – Many important strategies to learn but don’t forget the basics!

Me doing some research for Sister Benilda

Mike Hammond (me) doing some research for Sister Benilda

As my career faces changes again in the not so distant future, I contemplate on the stories that I will want to share and how to share them. This course has helped me learn important strategies for writing interesting and engaging stories such as ‘Don’t bury the lead’ and target audience analysis, but it has also reminded me not to forget the basics of writing.

Even if my subject is great and I have lots of information, if I don’t tell the story in an interesting manner and direct it to an appropriate audience, no one will want to continue past the first couple of lines. With digital content it is especially critical to be a great storyteller as the abundance of available information all vying for attention makes it difficult for any one story to stand out. Incorporating my personal experiences will help make me be more relatable to you, the reader.

There are people that are competent and confident writers while others struggle. I am one that struggles with writing. This course has helped me to embrace my personal experiences to enhance my stories and make me more comfortable and more competent as a writer. Whether I include an anecdote about an exploding tea cup at work (cup had a non-microwave safe metal rim), or I talk about promoting an Heirloom Tomato Tasting Day event (despite not personally being fond of tomatoes), these experiences will enhance the stories I choose to tell.

I have found this course challenging but in a good way. It has offered many insights into effective digital communication, including important strategies to consider when writing. But it is also clear that I can’t forget the basics of spelling, grammar and choosing the correct words to tell my stories. As I mentioned in a previous post, change is a scary thing but it is necessary. Whatever career I follow, this course and its imparted knowledge will stay with me continuing to help me focus my writing.

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