Social Media a moving target

Wow! The final blog post…I have learned a lot during this course, it itched the exact scratch I was interested in and like many of you, I look forward to learning more about social media.

But, as I look forward to the more advanced courses it struck me that I am aiming at a moving target.

As we grow, learn and adapt, social media is also growing and adapting at a rapid rate. Is it doing this faster than other fields like, say, medicine? I don’t know, I am not a doctor. I do know all areas of expertise experience change, 30 years ago plumbers never would have thought they would trade copper pipe for plastic. Auto mechanics must get smart about electric cars and some photographers have never had to open a roll of film in a dark room and dunk it in poisonous chemicals. You get my point, all fields require adaptation as humans find better and different ways of doing things.

But still, I remain uneasy about the pace of change of social media. New features are introduced all the time to existing well established apps and new platforms are frequently developed. But is the technology the only thing about social media that changes? What about us, we human beings, does the prevalence of social media in our everyday lives cause us to change? Do we know how to cope with social media and integrate it into our lives in a way that respects the value of human relationships and connections and our privacy? Or does social media appeal to our darker angels by giving us all an audience to seek validation from?

The answer to all these questions depends on the individual user and I think that the only way to figure things out is to learn more. And while learning more and engaging on social media more, we must maintain sight of who we are and make social media serve us, not the other way around.


7 thoughts on “Social Media a moving target

  1. I agree with everything you’ve said in this post, Doug, and the same things make me nervous. But your last paragraph makes good points and identifies our only real means of self-defence. We need to remain true to ourselves, and take control of the tools and platforms to help us achieve our own goals. Best wishes on the journey!

  2. I agree with you as well. And I have these doubts on the edges of my mind. I need to learn more and yet I have this nagging feeling of “will I ever be caught up or will things change so quickly that I will forever feel behind?”

  3. I’d really recommend a holiday book by Thomas Friedman called “Thank You for Being Late: An Optimist’s Guide to Thriving in the Age of Acceleration.” I got put onto Thomas by a fellow COM student (now finishing the program). Thomas would say that our values are what will help us build that better world we all long for. Best wishes to all of us on that journey.

  4. Great points. It feels like a lifetime that social media has been around but it has only been around for about 10 years. It certainly is the worlds biggest social experiment it has ever seen. Email was a massive shift in communication and now that seems to be the ‘old way’ of communicating. As you said, the tech is increasing so fast and new features are being released on apps that it is hard for our brains to keep up. I think the key is to just manage the influx of info. There is so much stuff out there but just because it is out there doesn’t mean we need to spend more time online.

    • I really agree with your last sentence. Part of the social media experience is being able to discern what stuff we really want to spend our time on. Social media can end up being an endless trail. Sometimes this is great as I am often finding I am reading interesting things or learning new information. But others time I question as to what I just spent 2 hours on.

  5. I think social media and it’s affect on us as people and society is similar to anything else that changes and develops within society. Just this morning I was talking to my dad about how he was raised (on a farm) and the way they had to clear the land and farm. He’s currently on the way to help his brother (who still lives on a farm) pick up a monster of a machine that’ll do the job they once did with their hands. He was shaking his head even thinking about the way things used to be. Our lives and the World around us are constantly changing and social media is now an integral part of that. As you mentioned, all you can do is move along with it and adapt. Keep yourself educated, but try not to get too caught up. As soon as you feel you have one figured out there will likely be another new social media method introduced. It’s ever changing, both our ways of life and our lives in general. For better or worse, it is a part of society now.

  6. As somebody who is just wrapping up Algonquin College’s Social Media certificate program (Dec. 27 is my last day of COM0015: Applied Social Media for Business), I am really impressed by the discussions going on in this COM0011: Introduction to Social Media course. I remember having to comment on blog posts as part of my grade, but my class didn’t have nearly as much discussion as this group seems to have post after post. This post with six comments isn’t even the most active, with others having seven ( and even eight ( comments. And, they are all from different people! That really shows a dedication to talking with people, not to or at them, which is what social media is all about. Congratulations to all of you and good luck with the rest of the program!

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