Time Flies

Is it just me or did this course fly by? I can’t believe this is my final blog for Intro to Social Media. I’ve known for awhile now that I want a career in the social media field, but this class has made me much more excited for it. I’ve learned so much over the span of two months, and I can’t wait to take the other courses.

I don’t know about you guys, but that personal branding assignment was very difficult for me. I had never really given too much thought about who I was, and what I had to offer. That assignment really opened my eyes, and taught me a lot about myself. I feel much more confident about my skills and passions. It has inspired me to want to utilize my social media platforms more effectively.

Until this course I had never blogged before. Well, that’s kind of a lie. I do have a Tumblr account, but I only post/re-blog pictures. I’ve been enjoying writing about different topics and things i’m passionate about. I think i’m starting to find my own voice, and I’ve been strongly considering starting my own blog.

The case study assignment really got me excited to work in the social media field. I did a lot of research on different brands and campaigns and really took the question “what would I do differently” seriously. It might sound cheesy, but I got really excited when I started thinking about what I would change, or how I think a company could improve their efforts. The material we learned over the past couple of months opened my eyes to all the positive and negative ways to approach social media from a business standpoint. It’s interesting to see all the ways that companies can succeed and fail on social media. I feel like I’ve learned so much already, but i’m excited to continue learning, and to one day apply what I know to my career.

4 thoughts on “Time Flies

  1. I found the personal branding assignment extremely difficult too and actually, almost painful. However, it really helped me to narrow my focus and to tune in to my strengths. It helped me to think in a more forward way as to what steps I could potentially take next with social media.
    I already had a blog but it is still fairly new and I have posted very inconsistently. Writing a blog post for this course every week has helped to renew my love of writing.

  2. I highly agree! I found not only this course but this whole year fly right by, which personally is very nice to me because 2016 has not been the best year at all. I am very excited to see what happens next year!

  3. Thanks for this post! I think the challenge for me – after the branding and case study work – is to figure out when to pull the trigger and put myself OUT THERE. I know that once we start posting, we have to keep going (like feeding a Tamagotchi, if you remember those). Like you, I feel much more informed about social media generally. Now I want to learn more about the specifics of how to set up a campaign, how to use Google Analytics really well, how to make an infographic. So many things to do!

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