Reaching for the positive

All I have as the springboard for this post is an image that I recently saw on LinkedIn, recommended by a friend. It’s just a few words painted on stone, in French (for which I have just rudimentary comprehension). But the soft, earthy colours and essential message attracted me.


My translator friend assures me that I caught the meaning fairly well, but she phrases it more elegantly than I had: Be like a camera – use the negative to develop the positive.

With this introductory social media course, that’s what I’ve been trying to do. It’s comforting to learn that I’m not alone in my nagging apprehensions. Lisa Larter, a Nova Scotia-based entrepreneur who has had huge success in various pursuits including business consulting, predicting social media trends, blogging and more, addresses social media fear in her book Pilot to Profit (2016). She writes:  “Fear happens in business for everyone, not just you. It may be the fear of failing, the fear of not being liked, the fear of making a mistake, the fear of not being perfect, the fear of being compared, or the fear of not being good enough.”

Her advice? Be proactive by getting educated, and fuel your positivity and confidence. Don’t feed the fear! I especially like the fact that these comments appear in a chapter titled: Your Content Is Your Credibility.

Are any of you still struggling with this, as I am?

I have to admit, once I learned how to turn off the incessant email notifications about updates, the Pinterest visits have been a welcome diversion from other tasks. The vivid images are inspiring and sometimes spirit-lifting. But then I stumble on something far less upbeat — an article on social media involvement for companies and corporations, like this one in Marketing magazine by Catherine McIntyre (originally published in Canadian Business): The case for companies staying off social media. Take a look.

In addition, the blog posts of several of my coursemates have alerted me to trends, danger zones and pitfalls that I haven’t even considered before. AI? Yikes!

So there’s obviously more to think about, and much more to learn.


8 thoughts on “Reaching for the positive

  1. That is a fantastic quote. Thanks for sharing 🙂 Just as they say “You’re The Average Of The Five People You Spend The Most Time With”, the same could be said about social media, with a little spin…”Your Thoughts Become The Average Five People You Follow”. The key to social media is to follow and connect with liked minded individuals. Let the negativity out and browse the internet to find things you want to know more about. Social media should be fun and safe. Speaking of AI, I came across a great blog post by Peter Diamandis, a Greek–American engineer, physician, and entrepreneur. In his blog post, he provides a great short history of the evolution of our species and where he sees our species in just the next 30 years.

  2. I share many, if not all of your fears about social media, but I think it is here to stay and I don’t know how easy it will be to avoid. It really does offer some great opportunities and it is like any tool, it can be used for a wide range of purposes. A hammer can build a house to shelter a family or inflict a lethal blow. How the hammer is used is not the hammer’s fault. Social media may be a tool like a hammer, but it is unique and this uniqueness drives apprehension…The hammer doesn’t allow people or corporations to get to know more about you, or intrude in your life. I think your approach through education is the correct one. There will always be a way to strike the right balance and use social media in a way that works for you.

    • Doug, you’ve hit the nail squarely on the head (sorry, bad pun but I couldn’t resist!). This is exactly how I’m coming to view and experience social media. I hope you’re right about being able to find the right way and strike a balance.

  3. I agree with Doug and Jeff. Social media isn’t going anywhere. If anything it’s constantly growing and developing. Yes, there are some negative aspects to it, but I think we should embrace the positive. We can utilize it in so many different ways. I think if you use it in a positive way then the fears will start to go away.

  4. I think the photograph quote is such a great way to sum up this course, our apprehensions and our excitement. Fear is a great driver if we learn to listen to it and use it to directly our energies and actions. Thanks for your posts, MsM – they are invariably inspiring, as our comments attest.

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