This article ( posted on the discussion board today was very good timing. I have been thinking about Instagram a lot lately and the fact that I want to explore this medium more.

I have been using Instagram for quite some time but solely as a way to edit and store my own photos. I have only a few of my friends added and I rarely look at their photos. However, when I do, I love how the photos look and how this platform is set up.

When I moved overseas with my young children a few years ago, I was full of hope that I would write a blog as a way to track our experiences. I didn’t do that. I wrote a few blog posts after I returned. I do, however, have thousands of photos and actually over ten thousand photos of my travels that started in my early twenties.

I have had this idea brewing for years of writing a “then and now” post or series of posts, somehow bringing together my photos and stories across 2 decades of travels. It had all started with a trip to Portugal a few years ago while I was carrying my son around in an Ergo and I made a joke about trading in my backpack for a baby carrier. Later that day I posted on Facebook an update about how things had changed in my travel experiences. In particular, how it related to my time in Portugal over a decade ago. I was no longer sleeping in hostels or drinking wine out of cardboard milk cartons or hanging out with strangers (2 of whom became lifelong friends) on a beach at night. I was, however, getting to experience all these wonderful things through the eyes of my children. That is often, a really refreshing way to re-visit a place.

While this idea continues to brew in my head, maybe Instagram is my platform. Maybe a series of posts with then and now photos and captions?  I still have my travel journals from backpacking days.

Any ideas or advice?

7 thoughts on “Instagram

  1. I think Instagram would be a great platform for your then and now idea. You can also do short video clips using instagram. A fun thing to experiment with is taking a series of photos over the course of the 20 years and do a timelapse video to help engage with your audience.

  2. I agree with Jeff, Instagram is a great platform. Travel is very much a visual thing and Instagram is a visual platform. I do wonder if Instagram will allow you to reinforce the visuals with the text from your travel journals if you want to do that, but for pictures it is hard to beat. Except, you cannot upload to Instagram on their desktop app. Photos can only be added from mobile devices, this at least true for Windows anyway, I don’t know about Mac. Instagram is made for posting visuals while they happen, but if the images can be moved to your phone, it should work.

    • Thanks!! This does prove tricky for all those printed photos that came from film. I will definitely not be spending time scanning them. This could be a project that stays inside my head for a bit longer until I figure out the best way.

  3. I agree Jeff, instagram is a great app. I have been an active user since the beginning of the app and have enjoyed every minute of it, i love the idea of being able to share photos with people all around the world, getting to see some amazing pictures, and getting to see some memories you once posted.

  4. All of you have had such great experiences with Instagram, and I have nothing to offer as a non-digital camera or phone camera user. But thank you for the inspiration – this holiday will be the perfect time to start building some photo libraries that will become tomorrow’s memories.

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