The Top 5 Most Instagramable Destinations in the World

I’ve only visited 30 Countries to date and therefore this list is my completely biased account of the most Instagramable destinations in the World.

These destinations have not only caught my heart but are also my idea of a perfect picture time and time again. They are also the destinations that have attracted the most attention (likes/comments) on my social media accounts (aka Instagram).

Honorable Mention: Peru

Stunning landscapes and changing terrain, but not quite in my top five, is Peru. With constantly amazing viewpoints and the ever famous Machu Picchu, Peru is worthy of top 10 status, just not quite top 5.

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Number 5: New York City

The city that never sleeps, the views that never stop. New York City is one of my favourite cities for photographing due to the chaos you find at every corner. From the amazing skyline (during the day and at night) to the people and all the way to the most amazing piece of green right in the middle of the city. New York takes 5th place.

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Number 4: Paris

Paris is a city people either love or hate. I absolutely love it and everything it has to offer. The architecture, the views and the diversity – Paris is a destination I’ve been to twice and a place I can’t wait to visit again. Coming in at number 4 is Paris.

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Number 3: Alberta

Canada has many amazing Instagramable destinations, but nothing compares to what Alberta has to offer. From endless stretches of farmland to snowy mountains – Alberta has it all. Alberta takes the 3rd spot.

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Number 2: Vietnam

While Asia has endless amounts of beauty, Vietnam certainly offers it all. Beautiful waters with limestone cliffs, rolling hills and incredibly busy streets. Coming in 2nd place is Vietnam.

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Number 1: Morocco 

I am yet to find a Country or City that comes close to what Morocco has to offer. The intricate details, phenomenal architecture, vast landscapes and the undeniable need to always have my camera on makes Morocco my top spot for Instagramable destinations.

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What destinations have you found to be most popular on your social feeds?


4 thoughts on “The Top 5 Most Instagramable Destinations in the World

  1. Everyone i know seems to be travelling to Europe these days! My social media accounts have been filling up with photos from Paris, Italy and Madrid for the most part. I feel like a lot of people my age (just coming out of university) are seeking adventure and Europe seems to be everyone’s first go to.

  2. Peru definitely makes it onto my top 10 as well. Most of my travel photos aren’t posted anywhere. Many of them were taken before social media. A lot have been taken since also and they went onto Facebook but in a very scaled down way. I think I need to explore Instagram more. I do love sharing travel photos and seeing others. Thanks for posting some here.

  3. Stunning photos, makes me itchy to travel again someday soon! One of my favourite destinations from long ago was Portugal, with all those rugged fishermen and their colourful boats setting out pre-dawn, and amazing castles. I can see now why Instagram has so much appeal.

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