My expanding vocabulary

Thpartridgeis week, I tripped over several social media concepts that were new to me, starting with “dark social.”  The term was coined in 2012 by Alexis C. Madrigal, a senior editor at The Atlantic.   It refers to the social sharing of content that occurs outside of what can be measured by Web analytics programs.   (See more on The Simply Measured Blog.)


turtle-dovesFortunately, I found a little more of an explanation about dark social, in that it shows up on Google Analytics as “Direct traffic” and, as such, it “originated from the share of a URL, but is marked as direct traffic in analytics tool… Direct is actually just a label for traffic that arrives at a site without a referrer.”

[I must admit that at this point I started getting the feeling I get at the Toronto airport when I step off the linoleum onto the moving sidewalk – too much, too fast!]

french-henMessaging apps – “With the rise of messaging apps and bots, the way many of us use social media to share and interact is fundamentally changing.”

[Is it just me or are “fundamental change” and “social media” not synonymous?]


calling-birdMulti-networking behaviours.  Says Jason Mander in a blog on globalwebindex, “Internet users have an average of seven social accounts.”  Further, “GlobalWebIndex’s survey tracks membership of around 50 named social networks/platforms/apps, ranging from global names like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and WhatsApp to country- or region-specific services such as Tuenti in Spain and VK in Russia.”

golden-ringsAn easier one: “reciprocity.”  As in, the percentage of users of each social media site who use another social media site.



I started off this blog thinking I had 12 new terms to write about (as in, The 12 Days of Christmas).  Plus, I wanted to have at least one blog that I could turn into a list!  I was pleasantly surprised that I found I had to stop at five new ideas, but was still a little disappointed about the list.

Can you help me get to 12?  What was the weirdest/coolest/most interesting social media idea or concept you came across this week?

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