COM0014 – Personal Brand – As reliable as a Toyota

Open hood of Toyota Camry car.

Under the hood of my Toyota Camry.

Reliability. It sounds like the start of a car commercial and indeed I do drive a Toyota Camry which is typically noted for reliability. To me, reliability represents one of my best qualities. Co-workers come to me for help and I do my best to accommodate. Friends ask for my advice and I share. Family members want someone to vent to and I listen. That’s what reliability is about, being available when you’re needed.

I’ve built up a reputation of being reliable through my willingness to help, my well-rounded skillset and my ability to resolve issues within time constraints. My positive demeanor and empathetic attitude facilitates my being approachable and easy to work with to achieve goals. In both my professional life and my personal life, people can count on my support and my help.

Recently at my work I completed the layout and final edits on two of our regular publications within a week of each other. One is for general public consumption and the other is an internal newsletter. I’m proud of the fact that I kept with the projects, completing them with a high degree of professionalism so they could both be printed and distributed before the Christmas rush.

Whether the project is large or small, I find a way to get it to completion to the satisfaction of the client. And just like my Toyota, I may not be the fastest or the most interesting, but people trust me to help them with their goals. That’s why my brand is reliability.

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