Industry Specific Trend Report in social media

Monitoring trends online help users to capture audience attention, write a blog post about a popular trending topic and can help user websites to have a large traffic.

These tools monitor online trends are free and friendly use. People count on the Internet to do anything in business and it is changing the way how companies research new trends and provide them to use search trends to predict their business future. Below are some of the best tools.

1.- News Map

This tool monitors popular headlines by displaying media, it also monitors popular headlines by displaying in their front page. If you want to create a new blog post something related to a trending news topic. Here is a link of News Map

2.- Google Trends

Google Trends is a public web site, and it is a useful tool for monitoring search-related trends. It provides a graph showing how search keywords are trending over time, connecting trend spikes with important news items and breaking the data down into regions, cities and even languages.

Here is a link of Google’s Hot Trends.

3.- Twitter Trending Topics

It provides a window into allow people to post their real-time web. It allows to search for keywords and see what topics are trending related to those keywords. Here is a link of Twitter’s trending topics


4.- Google Insights for Search

This tool is also provided by Google Inc. The Google Insights for Search provides all the features of Google Trends, it display related regional interest, search terms, rising searches.

5.- NowRelevant

It is search engine that shows you everything on a subject from the last two weeks. It provides a handy slide to choose only how many days back in time you want to search.

Here is a link of


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