COM0014 – B2C Case Study – #TasteTheFeeling of Coca-Cola

Coca-cola can featuring the game scores for the 1992 World Series of baseball.

My commemorative Coca-Cola can celebrating the 1992 World Series champs the Toronto Blue Jays.

There’s nothing better than to #openhappiness and #tastethefeeling of a nice cold @CocaCola! As you can tell Coca-Cola is well versed in social media and in fact Coca-Cola uses Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram as well as several other social media formats. Products are promoted directly via social media posts and customers are encouraged to share their stories of Coca-Cola moments in their lives. Marketing campaigns often involve redesigned images on product containers which make exclusive special edition cans and bottles a “must have” for consumers. One effective campaign used names on single-serve containers to include you in the Coca-Cola family. More recently product containers have taken advantage of smart devices by allowing you to scan a bottle to access special music playlists on Spotify.

The social media use expands beyond simply advertising and relying on customer comments. Coca-Cola also shares recipes using its products, life tips, information on sponsored events, stories by staff and customers, unique uses of the product containers, Coca-Colas role in promoting environmental responsibility and its strive for human and workplace rights in some countries.

Empty can of Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola’s easily recognizable branding.

I reviewed some of Coca-Cola Canada’s social media interactions and found they do have people monitoring and addressing concerns expressed online. Some interactions are a simple re-tweet and some are replies suggesting direct contact so Coca-Cola can help. However I have also come across helpful answers to direct questions and even a hashtag specifically for giving Coca-Cola permission to use your photo or tweet, #CokeYes. I believe Coca-Cola is effectively using social media by putting products and promotions in the consumer driven social sphere of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, while more business oriented information such as newly created jobs, and articles about the company are featured more in LinkedIn. Coca-Cola seems to have streamlined its social media use nearly abandoning Flickr and Google+ allowing more efficient use of their resources. If the company continues its effective digital communications strategies then it will be #AlwaysCocaCola.

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