My favorite social media trend

I love Facebook and I enjoying every time because I can put anything that is on my mind and I am in touch with family and friends. Privacy issue is important for users and they are responsible for his or her own content.

The important for using Facebook is the follow.

  1. I can share personal updates to friends and family.
  2. I can reconnect with former friends from school and work.
  3. I learn about relative and friend celebration for instance birthdays, anniversary, ceremonies etc.
  4. I can promote news and articles around world, leave comments and opinions.
  5. I can share video and photos and leave comments and opinions.
  6. I can search for new people.
  7. I can chat with friends through Facebook chat.
  8. I can select my own community of friends and block the people I don’t like to be in my community.

YouTube is a social media tool that provides a forum for people to connect, inform, advertise and entertain across the globe and acts as a distribution platform.  I love this tool because I can watch music, movie, programs, tutorial, add, speech, meetings, etc.

Below is a list why YouTube is important to me.

  1. I can put video to share globally.
  2. I can put comments and information to share.
  3. I can find tutorial of anything. Offering tutorials about your products or services.
  4. I can advertise anything.
  5. YouTube is a low cost advertisement and friendly use.
  6. It is searchable, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world.
  7. YouTube offers free easy to use analytic tools. I can track the number of views a video has received, the demographics of the viewers and how viewers found your video.

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